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Going green to sell your Oakville real estate is one of the best ways to go green. If you want make your home attractive to the current market, you’re going to want to green it up a bit. This will go further than replacing all of the light bulbs in your home with curly cue ones, you’ll also want to use green materials for pre-sale renovations. Here we’re going to go over how you can green your home and get it off the market fast.


Kitchens are notorious energy hogs; if you’re trying to figure out how to green your home this is the first place to start. Look at your kitchen appliances first and see what kind of energy rating they have. If you haven’t remodelled or bought new appliances in the last ten years, it’s time to get something new in the kitchen. People love stainless steel appliances (it makes them think they’re better chefs!), but if you’re in a neighbourhood where many of the people buying Oakville real estate have small families, opt for something not so shiny. Stainless steel surfaces show off every finger print and smudge.

Heating and Cooling

Energy problems start here, so you’re going to want to audit your heating and cooling system to see how it stacks up. Think about getting an ad hoc water heater; instead of keeping 100L of water warm at all times it will only heat what’s needed when it’s needed. You can also think about installing a heated floor instead of a traditional HVAC system. These use less energy and keep all parts of the home warm. Having a more modern heating system carries the benefit of reducing the risk for pipe breakage and attracts smart Oakville real estate hunters who want a more modern home.

New Windows

If you haven’t replaced your windows since 2000, now is the time to do it. If you want to move your home quickly off the market you should replace your windows with more energy efficient ones. Most windows are sealed with something called “Argon”; this gas creates a tight seal but over time escapes through minute cracks in the structure of the window. This can happen over a five to twenty year period. You may even qualify for a tax credit if you upgrade your windows to something more energy efficient.

Hire an Energy Auditor

Hiring an energy auditor will not only help you save money, but it will help you understand the things you really need to do to make your home more green. If your heating and cooling system is adequate but you need to replace your windows only on the south side of the house, you’ve saved thousands of dollars already. They’ll give you a report you can include when you put your home on the Oakville real estate market, making sure that you can show potential buyers that your home is green and energy efficient.

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