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There’s nothing like a brand new home - but when you can’t afford one, or when you don’t even have a home to call your own, that’s where Habitat for Humanity steps in. They help build homes right here in Canada, abroad and even offer low-cost home furnishings and building materials in the Oakville-Halton area.

Did you know that over 4500 volunteers from across the area helped put in over 17,500 hours? It’s true, but they still need help. From small groups of friends that just want to make Oakville a better place to live to businesses donating time and resources, there’s something that everyone can do to help.

How Does Habitat for Humanity Work?

Habitat for Humanity Halton doesn’t just encourage families to apply for a home, but for single adults too! It takes around 6 months for the homeowner to be selected. The family or individual has to promise to put 500 hours (known as “sweat equity”) into their home, and from there the contracts are signed and the home is built.

The family or individual then purchases the home for what they can afford (often for nothing), and it’s all theirs. All because a few people in the community came together to make a big difference… and you can too!

Habitat Halton Needs Volunteers

Volunteering with Habitat Halton is extremely easy - and it’s not all about building a home in Cambodia, either! From building homes here in the community, participating in events and even being part of a volunteer committee, it all starts with your help. They don’t necessarily need donations (though they won’t turn the help down!), but they do need people that are going to help build.

There are many different volunteer areas to choose from like:

  • Home Builds
  • ReStore Reno Outlet Stores
  • Volunteer Committees
  • Administrative Positions
  • Community and Corporate Events

There are different events to look out for like:

  • Youth and Student Build Day
  • Faith Build Day
  • Community Group Build Day
  • Women’s Build Day

And so many other build days that you can participate in. If you can’t donate time, you can give individually, as part of a group, faith based organization or corporation. There are many different ways you can contribute - you can even give gifts in kind of building materials and services.

Some people even choose to gift land or property, or to celebrate the birth of a child, retirement or marriage. Whatever you do, just remember that a couple hours can make a big difference in the life of other Oakvillians!

To learn more about volunteering with the Halton Habitat for Humanity, you can visit there site here.

Oakville is a fantastic place to live for people of all backgrounds! If you’re thinking about buying a home here but you’re just not sure if it’s the right place for you, give us a call. We’ll show you great homes, great neighbourhoods and a community you’ll love to become a part of.

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