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Basement flooding can be a big problem for homeowners especially if you’re using your basement as an extra living space in the form of a den or a recreational center for the family. The damages caused by basement flooding can amount in the thousands of dollars not to mention the inconvenience and health hazards it might cause. If you live in the Halton region though, we’ve got good news for you so read on!

Attention Halton Homeowners

A typical modern home in Halton (built upwards of 1978) has a separate sanitary sewer (wastewater) and storm water collection system. The local Municipality is in charge for the management of storm water and Halton Region is responsible for the collection of wastewater. In homes which are older, the storm water collection is connected to the sanitary sewer or wastewater sewer and this is where the basement flooding predicament typically arises from. 

Halton homes in which the storm water connection is improperly connected has a higher probability of experiencing basement flooding. When the high volume of storm water, rain water or melt off goes into the sanitary water drain, it can cause sewer backup which in turn can flood your basement.

Another reason for basement flooding could be a problem with the backwater valve, in which case it needs to be replaced. The faulty backwater valve causes basement flooding when homeowners unknowingly use water inside the home during severe rainstorms as the water cannot drain into the sanitary sewer system properly, hence, causing basement flooding.

Solutions for Basement Flooding

Although basement flooding can be caused by a variety of causes, the main solution lies in being able to assess your property’s drainage and making the necessary changes to fix improperly connected storm water connections to the sanitary sewer system and to install a backwater valve. Both solutions works by preventing basement flooding; thus, preventing property damage and giving you peace of mind.

Prevention of Basement Flooding Subsidy for Halton Homeowners

If you own a home in Halton which has a history of basement flooding or is at risk for it, you may want to take action now, especially with the one-time Basement Flood Prevention Subsidy being offered by Halton Region. The subsidy can cover you for up to $2,725.00 for repairs and services to install a backwater valve, weeping tile disconnection and to correct improperly connected storm water systems.

To avail of the Basement Flooding Prevention Subsidy, Halton homeowners are urged to complete the application form and to read the terms and conditions to see if they can qualify for the subsidy. The amount of subsidy Halton homeowners can avail of depends on the type of work that needs to be done or has been done to prevent basement flooding and requires homeowners to abide by the terms and conditions.

For more information about the Basement Flooding Subsidy Program for Halton Region homeowners, including its full scope, you may contact Matt Stefanik, the program’s coordinator at 905-825-6000 ext. 7918.

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