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You’ve found your dream house and sold your old house, now it’s time to move! You’re almost ready… but what do you do now? Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know about moving after you’ve bought or sold Oakville real estate, so let’s go!

  1. 1.       Don’t Ship Valuables

No matter if you’re moving across town or across the country; you want to make sure you move your most valuable possessions on your own. If you have to ship them, use a shipper like DHL, FedEx or UPS so you know where the parcel is at all times (get insurance if you can!) and can keep an eye on things. This includes things like personal papers, photographs, money and other things that would be hard to replace.

  1. 2.       Get Real In-Home Estimates

Getting real live in-home estimates is the best thing you could do to have a smooth move. They should send someone out to look over your home and estimate how many trucks/truck loads it will take to get everything out of the house, how many hours and most importantly how much money it will cost. Don’t just go to one company for an estimate; go with at least 2 to 5 companies to see who gives the best estimate. Don’t go with just a money estimate either!

  1. 3.       Go with a CAM Mover

CAM, or Canadian Association of Movers, is the best kind of move to go with. You don’t want to just go with whoever is cheapest; you paid a lot of money for your Oakville real estate and you don’t want to chance it at the last second. Since it’s a trade group they follow a list of ethics, and unlike other movers, have to act in your best interest. If they can’t help you move on x date within your time frame they have to tell you.

  1. 4.       Keep Your Traveling Items Separate

If you’re going to travel with personal things that you don’t want moved, you need to keep these separated from the rest of your belongings. Keep them under a cabinet that has already been moved out or in a marked closet that says “Do Not Move”. You need to make sure that your personal papers, money and car keys don’t get moved into your new home before you do.

  1. 5.       Give the Movers Your Mobile Number

Giving the movers your mobile number is one of the most important steps to take for a smooth move. Be reachable and answer your phone at all times. Movers may not be familiar with your area or you may be away from the house and they can’t get inside. Since movers run on such tight schedules you’ll want to make sure that your things don’t get left in the neighbour’s driveway because you weren’t reachable.

A smooth move is all about being prepared. Why fret when you can enjoy your new real estate purchase and have all of your things waiting for you on moving day?

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