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It’s spring, the light is starting to filter in, and you’re starting to notice the thin layer of winter dust all over everything – but who wants to clean? Keeping on top of things throughout the year will help you save time and money. It all starts with designing an easier to clean home, from flooring, surfaces and even a central vacuum system, you’ll need to keep an eye out for improvements. Not only does it make your life easier, but can help you sell your home too. Let’s get started; after all, why work harder than you have to?

Sparkling Floors Year Round

There are two types of flooring that you need to look out for; with sealed concrete floors and carpet tiles, you finally have the solutions you need to keep your floors clean year round.

Sealed Concrete Floors – These give you the shine and look of marble, but they lock out spills and messes. Few things can get through a sealed concrete floor! They’re easy to mop and sweep, and since there aren’t any gaps or cracks for stuff to get into you won’t have to worry about it.

Carpet tiles – Love the look and feel of carpet, but hate the spots you can’t get out? With carpet tiles, if you get a spill all you have to do is remove and clean the affected tile. They come in beautiful colors, shapes, and designs just the traditional carpet, but they’re just easier to deal with.

Kick Dust in the Pants

vacuums wear out over time, but what can you do? A central vacuum system may be the answer. With these you can improve indoor air quality by up to 70, and you’ll have a vacuum system that’s almost 5 times as powerful as the upright you’re probably using right now. No muss, no fuss, and the dust all goes into the basement.

Happier Walls a Coat Away

it’s been shown that eggshell and low gloss paints hide dirt like nobody’s business. If you have a busy household you could benefit from a low gloss paint. They make cleanup a snap, hiding marks, scratches and even little dings in the wall. It’s all about the viewing angle, but either way you get a nicer wall in every room of your home.

Think About Installing a Laundry Chute

If your laundry room is in the basement, or in the lower level, a laundry chute or dumbwaiter could be a big benefit! Most laundry chutes are built into the frame of a home, so can be a little costly to install in an older home – but if you’re 2 storeys up, it might just be worth it.

Think Stainless Steel

Granite countertops are nice, but stainless steel is far more affordable and gives your kitchen that professional feel. You should know that these can get scratched up super easy, but sometimes that can be part of the charm of a professional kitchen.

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