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It’s June and you’ll want to start getting a handle on all those early summer chores before the mercury rises and things become virtually impossible (if only we’re so lucky so much sun!). You’ll want to start by looking for any damage the long winter did to your property, start hardening your home against mould and rot and start looking around for wasps, pests and other problems. Early summer is the best time to get a jumpstart, so get outside and start searching for problems.

Sharpen Your Mower and Tools

If you’re the DIY type that likes to work outside, now is the time to get your tools sharp. Proper tool and appliance maintenance will help you wrench the most life out of your products and help you make sure that you’re getting the best experience possible. If you don’t know how to sharpen your tools (or you just don’t want to do it yourself for obvious reasons) you’ll want to take them to one of the big box stores and have them help you.

Clean Your Dryer Vents

Dryer vents need to be cleaned regularly – but they can be hard to get cleaned in the wintertime! One of the leading causes of fires in the home are clogged dryer vents so make sure you take care of this one as soon as possible and do it REGULARLY. If it’s been awhile since you cleaned them out consider having a professional handle this one for you.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters were designed to carry water and debris for short periods of time, not for months on end. Buying a gutter cleaning tool or working on a ladder to get them clean – but like everything else, when in doubt talk to a professional. It might not hurt to have a roof inspector check for rot or damage on the roof where you can’t see while they’re clearing out the gutter.

Check for Pests

A pest inspection in early summer is always smart. This is the time of year where it’s getting just warm enough for pests to begin to emerge and early enough to stop them before they can become a real problem. Termites, wasps, carpenter ants and other troublesome critters need to be nipped in the bud, but remember that mice can be a problem on country estates and should be checked for too.

Look for Signs of Rot and Mould

Rot and mould are silent killers; having a mould inspection as soon as possible is always a good idea. Dry rot can just as bad a problem this time of year, and there are no “safe” levels of harmful household mould. Like pests, it’s best to catch it early before it become a problem you can’t control.

While you might be tempted to spend more time outdoors this summer, make sure you do a little maintenance to keep your luxury home happy and healthy for years to come before you head out.

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