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We’ve talked a lot about staging here before, but we haven’t really spoken much about home staging mistakes that you can’t afford to make. When you’re selling your home you want to make sure that you’re doing it right; who has time to make a mistake and lose out on a great buyer? With interest rates at the lowest levels they’ve been in decades, you can’t afford to stay on the market any longer than you have to.

Avoid Awkward Rubber Plants

A lot of people want that outdoor look inside, and what better way to do this than put out the good ol’ fake plants? No! Don’t do this! Fake plants look GREAT in photos and can help you sell things online, but if you’re having an in-home showing that people are coming to, this is a terrible idea. People love to touch things, especially in someone else’s house. They’re going to touch those plants, they’re going to realize they’re fake and then they’re going to wonder what else you “cheaped out on”. Buy some real plants or work with your staging expert to make sure that the plants in your house are real during the showing.

Clutter Closes Wallets

Clutter isn’t what you want to sell your Oakville real estate. If you’re still living in a home that you’re trying to sell, it’s time to clean! Hiring professional cleaners is always ideal, but you can do this step on your own too. You’re going to need all of the counters cleared off, all of the floors, every surface should have a nice clean feel to it. While you might think that a full place setting would be a good idea, don’t do it. Feel free to put a table cloth and making some place settings down, but people are notorious for “borrowing” silverware at home showings. Keep your cutlery off the table and in the drawer.

Pet Peeves

It’s a well-known fact that appraisers take off points for pets. If you’re trying to sell your Oakville real estate you’re going to want to make sure that any of your pet stuff is not in the house. If you live there currently, pack up your pets and let them visit a friend for the day or a couple of days. When you have dogs and cats you’re going to want to make sure you have time to let the place air out so you don’t frighten away buyers who aren’t pet friendly.

These are just a few of the home staging mistakes you don’t want to make. It’s pretty easy to turn people off to buying your house, but getting them interested is quite difficult. If you’d like more information about how to sell your Oakville real estate the right way, let us help! We’re experienced Oakville real estate agents who can help you sell your home in good time at a great price!

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