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People love lovely homes, and if you want to sell your Oakville real estate you’re going to want to make sure that your house stacks up. We’ve moved beyond tidying up a bit and taking some nice photos to sell a house; you’re going to have to remember that people look at a dozen houses on average (many see much more than this) before they settle on one. You’re going to have to attract a buyer and imprint on them that this is the house that they want to buy. Here we’re going to go over a few ways you can use landscaping to sell your Oakville real estate, so let’s get started!

Landscaping Isn’t Just About Grass

When most of us think about landscaping we think about grass, flowers, topiary; what you really want to think about is lighting, pathways, etc. Many buyers will come by different pieces of Oakville real estate to see what it looks like at night (they also come by during the afternoon and early morning). If the property is dark and not well lit, they’ll keep going.  You’ll want to walk a fine line between a well-lit property and a football stadium!

Go for a Fresh Look

A fresh look, i.e. super clean, will help you sell your Oakville real estate a lot faster than you would otherwise. You’ll want to have the exterior of your home power washed and the windows cleaned the day before you have a showing. You’ll also want to make sure paths, porches, roofs and gutters cleared of all debris. If you have some windows that have screens while others do not, you’ll want to make them all match up. Flowerpots and boxes (some are opting for vertical floral arrangements) can go a long way towards making the front of your home more appealing to buyers as well!

Happy Lawn, Happy House

People love green lawns! You’ll find a lot of Oakville real estate listings will say that it overlooks “green space” for good reason: people want grass. While it does make the house more attractive, it also keeps the temperature lower in the spring and summer time as well. If you have lawn problems consider just having the whole thing resodded. If you’re getting a new lawn see if you can also install a resource friendly sprinkler system that runs on timers and doesn’t waste water. This will make your beautiful green lawn more attractive to people who are looking for a more green friendly arrangement.

Landscaping sells Oakville real estate, but you’re going to need to be smart with it. Green lawns and colourful flowers do help, but you’ll also want to make sure that the exterior of your house sparkles. A well-lit home goes a long way, but you’re going to need to make sure that it’s not so bright that you turn people “off” to buying your home. If you’re not sure what to do, speak with a landscaping expert to see what you can do to put your best face forward.

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