Posted 7.23.12 @ 7:15 by: Staff

Some say you can never view too many homes for sale, but that may not always be the case! You want to pick a nice round number of Oakville real estate properties to have a look at, and you don’t want to see them all in the same day. You can space them out over the period of a month or just a week, but make sure you don’t try to digest all of your options all at once if you can help it. Here we’re going to go over the benefits of choosing the properties you view and if you should do it.

Condo Viewing Panic

Let’s face it, many condos look alike! You can view as many as you like of these, but most of the differences will be in the community and the amenities offered. You’re going to want to be careful about how many condos you see, take notes and you may even want to revisit later after you’ve narrowed down your list of options. Since so many Oakville condos for sale can wind up being in the same building or the same area, you could have a hard time remembering which one had the great pool and which one had the “best” view. Similar isn’t bad, but you’re going to want to be able to remember the one that just put everything over the top.

Take Your Time Viewing Homes

When you’re looking at houses, you want to take your time and think about whether or not this has everything you want in a house. While 32 houses may meet your criteria, work with us and let us help you wheedle this down to a more manageable number. Maybe 10 of these homes are too far from the amenities you’re interested in, another 5 condos on the 15th floor when you need to be on ground level. Go through and separate your options from the things that probably just won’t work with what you need. Make a list of the things you want in a new home before you buy one, so you can make sure that you’re getting your needs met.

Quality over Quantity

I’m not saying that there are less than quality homes in Oakville (so many nice options!), but you do want to make sure you’re spending your time wisely. The Oakville real estate market moves fast and if you’re not careful you could miss out on the right home for you!

By quality we mean the best possible matches for what you’re looking for. It can be tempting to view as many homes as possible, looking for that indescribable quality, that thing that makes a house a home; don’t do it! Buying Oakville real estate is a costly venture and it’s important to make sure that you’re making a good decision, let us help you explore your options and choose the home that’s right for you.

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