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The first thought that usually comes to mind when someone mentions Oakville, Ontario is that it is an affluent community wherein the average home is at around $1.2 million, placing it as the 13th most expensive in terms of real estate in Canada. Though this is true, Oakville is a lot more than that.

The Secret

Home to the Glen Abbey Golf Club and the famed boarding school Appleby College, Oakville’s wealth is really in the people that choose to be part of the Oakville community, thanks to the allure of its neighbourhoods.

Oakville is perceived as an attractive place because it’s various neighbourhoods offer something that appeals to specific groups of people. According to the data from the 2018 live ranking of the Best Places to Live in Canada, Oakville came in as the best place to live in overall, and also topped the ranking as the best place to live in for new Canadians. Oakville was also named as the 5th best place to raise a family in and the 3rd best place in Canada to retire to.

Looking at the above, it is no wonder that Oakville bagged the top spot. Being a community of small suburbs with easy access to work and transportation to Toronto played a huge role as to how Oakville ranked.

Real Wealth

The success of Oakville today has its roots to changes that took place 10 years ago. A decade ago, minorities began to gravitate towards Oakville and they now comprise 31% of residents as compared to 18% a decade ago.

Mayor Rob Burton was quick to add that Oakville isn’t just home to the rich, and that 45% of those from the lower income segment of Halton live in Oakville, and people from all walks of life in Oakville drawn by its small-town charm. In fact, the Town has no plans to ever stop calling Oakville a “town” because people value how tight-knit the community of Oakville really is, to the point that it resembles a village but with the amenities of a city.

Crunching Numbers

Many qualities were pitted together to determine which places deserve to be called The Best Place to Live In Canada. Aside from being safe, somewhat affordable, people-friendly, livable, and prosperous, the quality of life of residents was also taken into consideration. Yes, even health was a consideration!

For 2018, Oakville came ahead of Ottawa, the holder of the Best Places to Live crown for 2 years. Ottawa is demoted for the 2nd spot though still gorgeous with a long history, Russel Township took the 3rd spot as an amazing place for people who like smaller towns, Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville got in for the 4th spot and still holding the title of the Best City to Raise a family in for the 2nd year, and lastly, Lacombe snagged the 5th spot and is currently booming economically.

Oakville’s neighbourhoods are really the cream of the real estate crop in the GTA. If you’re looking for your dream Oakville home, contact us and we’ll help you find the right one based on your budget and needs in the Oakville community that you desire.

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