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We all know that one person in our life, that person that is so frugal with their money that they’ve excised the joy in their life – no one wants to be that guy! If you want to buy the luxury home you’ve been dreaming of looking at what you need versus what you want can help you get there, but you have to make sure that your frugality doesn’t take over your life. Here we’re going to talk about how budgeting is healthy but over budgeting isn’t. Let’s get started!

Frugal Lifestyle

For some of us, being frugal is a great thing – it’s like a diet for your money; you tell your money what to do and you don’t have to ask what it did when the month is up! But the frugal lifestyle goes a bit above and beyond what you might expect from saving a little money. Some people start a garden so they can grow their own fruits and vegetables; they’re left with a sour taste in their mouth when they find out that their time was better spent just working more or finding another job.

Minimalism is Great, But Leave Room for Dessert

Minimalizing your life can be a great thing, but you want to make sure you’re doing the best thing for you, not just what’s best for your budget. Living is about spending time with friends, enjoying yourself and spending a little money along the way.

You’re going to want to really look at what luxuries you want to attain to meet your goals and what little things you can keep in to stay sane. Being wealthy is about controlling the wealth that you have, managing it well and knowing when you should spend it and when you shouldn’t. Don’t become a frugal fruit nut to save money at the expense of your sanity.

That Deal May Not be Worth It

You’ll want to examine a great deal closely; we’ve heard horror stories from people buying luxury real estate “on the cheap” only to find serious problems later. The last thing you want to do is sacrifice your health, comfort or even your safety when it comes to getting the best deal.

You get what you pay for, most of the time; it’s important to really do your due diligence. When you work with us you get a team that will help you weigh the risks and benefits of buying a certain home. We’ll help you make sure that this is really the one that’s right for you – and how to avoid money traps in the first place!

Frugality Isn’t the Path to Happiness

For most people extreme budgeting just isn’t the path to happiness or the path to wealth. If you want to be able to make the most of what you have, learn to manage it. Frugality can help you save and help you get out of debt, but being a frugal millionaire works only to a point. If you want to really get a handle on your finances, get good with money! Leave the frugality behind where it belongs.

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