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So many choices in Oakville real estate, what to do? You want to buy your dream home… but you just don’t know what your dream home is? That’s okay – keep reading and you’ll find out! It almost always boils down to two things: wants and needs. Sometimes we wants a pink leopard romper room, other times what we need is a new nursery. Understanding the difference between the two is going to help you get the best home possible, so let’s get started!

Dreams and Nightmares

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you’ve always WANTED in Oakville real estate. Sure, you should start with your NEEDS, but let’s do a little thought experiment here:

What is Missing from Your Current Home?

What Have You Always Wanted?

How Many Rooms do You Want vs How Many Rooms do You Need?

How Much Would You Spend if You Could?

Answer these questions as honestly as possible. Now it’s time to come back down to reality:

What do You Need in Your Next Home?

What have you always needed but couldn’t get?

How many rooms do you have to have, including what you may need in the future?

How much can you spend realistically?

These questions are going to help you figure out what you can really do versus what you’d like to do. One of the worst mistakes people make with Oakville real estate is that they buy the home they want right now – because the staging was nice or the price was where they wanted it to be. You need to look beyond the superficial to figure out what you’re going to be able to do with your next home! That’s why you need us on your side, helping keep you objective and to look out for your best interests.

Know What You Want Before You Start

Making a list of what you want to have and what you absolutely must have before you buy your next home is important! This way you’ll have your little list you can keep looking back at, not getting blindsided by awesome sellers that know what they’re doing. You don’t want to get too caught up with a mirror in an entryway when the home is a few rooms too short.

Getting the Right Help

You have to have the right help, and that’s why you don’t want to start looking at Oakville real estate on your own! This is exactly why you need to work with an Oakville realtor – and we’re the best in town. Let us help you go over your list of needs and wants so that you can find the dream home you’ve always wanted. With so many luxury homes for sale in Oakville right now, you’re going to be a little overwhelmed. We can help you look at only the homes that fit your criteria and find the one that you’ll say “yes” to!

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