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Most buyers have a very slow closing – and most buyers are willing to pay more to get it to go quickly. Most are going to have to wait about three months to close on their home, but there are things that you can do to make sure goes a lot faster than that.

Remember that you shouldn’t leave anything up to chance. From choosing the right multipurpose luxury real estate agent, checking over all of your documents, having a certified check ready at signing, and keeping on top of everything in the process will help.

Work with a Multipurpose Luxury Real Estate Agent

You don’t want to work with just any luxury real estate agent – you need someone experienced in all facets of buying a home. They need to be able to help you understand everything you need to do to get from Point A to Point B. While your realtor may have good intentions, if they can’t help you through every step of the process, they’re basically useless. You deserve a professional that understands and that can really help you.

What’s in Your Contract?

Within 48 hours of closing, you need to know what’s in your contract. It’s common practice that the lender could change things at the last minute. It’s up to you to know what’s in there, if you’re not good with paperwork or if you just don’t know what you’re doing get a real estate lawyer. They’re well worth the money, and they’ll be able to help you understand things been changed. You should have someone look over this long before you get to closing – but you also want them to look at it right before closing, checking for anything that’s been changed at the last minute.

Have Your Certified Check Ready

Your lender won’t take cash for your down payment, and they won’t take a normal check either. You’re going to need cashier’s check, or certified check, but these can be found in your bank or lender and you’ll want to have one of these a week before you go for the signing. That way if there’s any issues you can go back and get a different check for a different amount. Again, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. The more prepared you are better your closings going to go. Don’t create bumps in the road for yourself.

Have All Repair Provisions Included in the Purchase Contract

The final thing you want to do is make sure that all repair provisions are included in the purchase contract for the home. If they’re supposed to dig up the heating oil barrel from the backyard, outline that in the contract. That way once everything has cleared escrow, if they haven’t done it, they will have to pay for someone else to do it. Make sure that you’re compensated in the event of something going wrong – because in the end, you’re the only one that can look after your best interests.

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