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Who wants to pay asking price for Oakville real estate? Here we’re going to talk about different negotiation techniques that you can use to get a great home at the right price. While you can work with us to make sure you’re getting the best price for the best real estate. You’re going to want to work with the best of the best (that means us!), people who know real estate inside and out. We’re experienced realtors who can help you get the home of your dreams.

Odd Numbers Help

When submitting your initial offer to the seller, use an odd number (end in a 9 or a 5 for example). Most people will end in 0s, it’s a natural human inclination to have a nice round number for a nice round offer. Sellers will be going through a sea of offers for their Oakville real estate, and if you want to stand out you should really think about going a little odd for your number. Chances are you’ll stand out and the seller may even want to ask you how you came up with that number when everyone hit a round number. It’s a good way to get noticed without putting too much on the line.

Don’t Get Too Involved

It’s good to be detached when you’re trying to buy Oakville real estate. Sellers know that the more emotionally invested you are with their property the better the chances are that you’ll pay whatever they want for the property. One man recently paid over $90,000 (and made headlines) in the GTA for a house than it was worth because he got too emotionally involved with “winning the bid”. Don’t let this be you! There are many great homes for sale in Oakville and you have to stay objecting through the process.

Offer an Earnest Money Deposit

An earnest money deposit shows a seller that you’re serious about buying this house. You can attach a stipulation that you’re going to need to have a home inspection prior to moving forward (this will almost always be at your own expense) or something else. This way you’ll be able to make sure that you’re getting a leg up over the competition. You’ll be able to distinguish yourself from all the other bidders who want to buy this Oakville real estate, and you don’t have to offer more than 1-3% of the total purchase price.

Work With Us!

If you really want to win the house you want, you’re going to want professionals on your side who can help you get it! We’re experienced Oakville real estate agents that know the Oakville market inside and out. We’ll be able to help you bid appropriately; helping you save money and get a beautiful home that you’ll love. Why settle for just a house when you can have the home you’ve always wanted?

If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today!

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