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When you’re looking at Oakville luxury real estate, you may be thinking… small. Many older charming homes are for sale right now that are fantastic, but the floor plan can be a little iffy. You can give any place some extra space, you just have to know how to do it. Here we’re going to talk about space, floor plans and making room for everything you want without having to add on a costly addition, so let’s get started!

Why Not Just Build More?

Zoning can be insane for additions, and you may not be able to build more on, especially if you’re working with an Oakville luxury condo or townhouse. The square footage may be spot on with what you want, but if it’s older it could have an insane floor plan. You can even convert a basement into something truly special to give your home that special something to help you sell it later. It’s important that if you go the reno route that you’re working with an excellent contractor that knows what they’re doing! Always remember though that more isn’t always necessarily better, so weight your options.

How Much Space is Enough?

Going by what you have now, you’ll be able to gauge how much more space you need. If what you have now is adequate or inadequate, your next house is going to have to meet those needs. Knocking down a few walls can give you the illusionthat you’re creating more space, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually getting it. If you have a 1200sqft home right now and then move into an 800sqft home but expect to gain 200-400sqft by knocking down some walls, you may be in for a hard time.

Freeing Up Space

The key to freeing up space without adding square footage to Oakville luxury real estate is always going to be layout. You don’t want to end up spending money on something that’s going to mess up the structural integrity of your house (if you’re removing retaining walls supportive framing can replace it).

You can remove a den or one of those fun tiny useless dining rooms people loved to build in the 40s and create a vast lounge area. Breaking up the walls between the kitchen and the rest of the home gives you an option for floating kitchen islands, bringing your family together. Converting basements into something more usable can be a great way to free up space, but it will all boil down to what you need out of your home.

Sometimes you can fix a floor plan and get something much more out of an older luxury Oakville home, other times you will need to something different… something newer. If you’re not sure where to start, it’s time to talk to us! We’re Oakville luxury realtors that will help you get the most out of any luxury Oakville homes for sale. Don’t you deserve not just a house, but a home?

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