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When we think of amenities we might think of a gym or an elevator, but it goes much deeper than that. If you’re looking for a luxury condo for sale or just a nice resale unit you’re going to want to think about things like security, parking, laundry facilities and all those little things that makes life easier. Great windows, balconies and pet ownership rules also factor into most buyers decision to buy a property – if you’re selling or buying you need to know what most buyers are looking for before you start thinking about moving forward.

A Room with a View

One of the worst thing any potential buyer can discover is a brick wall, a structural support beam of a beautiful view of a building right next door. Billing a room with a view is bad enough, but tons of light and space with windows can make the difference between a great place to live and hermit hole. Windows are very important, but a view that magnifies the space may be even more important.

Natural Light

Track lighting is nice, but a condo with a south facing view is going to get the best light year round. If you first see a property on a grey day don’t be afraid to come back on a sunny day to see how good the light is. If you’re a property owner remember that people have mobiles with compass apps that can tell them which way a window is facing. Don’t fib – if natural light isn’t the best amenity play up some of the other ones this unit has to offer.

Laundry Services and Facilities

More and more Canadians are looking for condos that have onsite laundry facilities and service. The cost of in a laundry versus how much people are going to have to go offsite and add this to the cost of their condo is something to think about. The maintenance fees for laundry facilities can be well worth it for all involved.


Pets can be a point of contention – owners want them, developers don’t want to deal with the damages and headaches pets can bring to a building. Some will have CC&Rs that will permit certain types of pets under a certain weight, certain breeds, etc. but if you’re a buyer it never hurts to make sure that you’re getting what you need. There are many different condos that will accommodate pet owners, but some won’t be so flexible. Talk before you sign!

Onsite Parking

This is THE amenity everyone should offer. The cost of offsite parking in Canada can run you up to $30,000 a year, adding to the cost of maintenance when buyers have to go offsite. If your building isn’t offering this, they need to.

If you’re selling a unit or buying one, you really need to think about the amenities that matter. Great lighting, pets, onsite parking and even laundry facilities can make the difference ebtweenr eale state you want to buy and stuff you don’t.

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