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In traditional building up to 20% of building materials head to the landfill as waste – but what if we could cut that down to 1-2%? It might actually be possible in the next 15 years because of 3D printing. While most consumer grade 3D printers available today have a work area the equivalent of a loaf of bread, it’s something you’re going to want to keep an eye on. Here we’re going to look at how 3D printing works, why it cuts down on waste and some of the advantages of a printed home (20 hour build time, anyone?)

What is 3D Printing?

Most of us have a printer in our home already, but what if you could print a home to whatever specifications on a piece of Oakville real estate? That you could build an addition to your home in a few hours, without noisy work crews?

3D printing is just like printing on paper but the materials build on one another on a 3D plane. Materials can be anything from plastic to metal and everything in between; they’re extruded through “heads” that form the size and shape of what’s being printed. The heads and materials are controlled by a computer and a CAD program (computer aided drafting).

Concrete Extruded Home Sweet Home

One of the materials that will be used could print a house in less than a day; the same material has 3x the tensile strength of traditional concrete. Walls could be extruded to just the right thickness, windows in just the right places and homes in disaster zones could be erected in as little as a day. But would you really buy an Oakville home for sale that was printed and not made?

Nokia Lets You 3D Print Your Own Case, Why Not a House?

If Nokia lets you print your own case, why not print your own home? While it’s out of reach for most of us now, it’s the ultimate in customization. You can completely map out what you want your home to be and instead of something going wrong with the floor plan during construction, what you see is what you get.

Multiple Applications, Infinite Customizations

It’s not just about building homes – they can also be used to build offices, garages, emergency shelter and any other structure. Large scale 3D printers are being used to create everything from sculptures to pairs of shoes. If it can be drafted on a computer it can be printed up.

Would you print up a home? Would it have to cost less than a traditional home, or would you worry about printed Oakville homes for sale nothing being as sturdy as traditionally constructed homes? Either way in the next couple decades you could end up living in a printed home!

Until then, you’re going to want to look at something a little more traditional like Oakville luxury homes for sale. Call us today and see what the right Oakville luxury real estate agent can do for you.

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