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Pantone, the wonderful folks that have brought us those evil colour swatches that designers live and die by, has named emerald green the colour of 2013. This is a big deal since no green has ever actually been named colour of the year before (when people think of emerald green they might just think of mould instead, big design no-no). But bio-design is the wave of the future and instead of fighting nature like our parents did, we’re going to see more and more “greening” in our lives. It won’t stop with the walls though, and here we’re going to take a closer look at what bio-design is and where you’ll be seeing it in the future.

Why Imitate Nature?

It’s no secret that many designers copy from nature. Lamps and trees follow suit, once cushy carpeted floors have come back to hardwoods – we copy from nature day in, day out. Bio-design encompasses everything from firefly-cell powered lampshades to concrete that can heal itself when it cracks. It’s a weird field, but there are some practical applications. Working with nature, instead of working against it, can yield some interesting results that are both green and useful!

Who Doesn’t Love Houseplants?

Any excuse to have plants in your home should be good enough, but if your plants can pull double duty and be an interesting conversation piece, hey, why not right? If you can power lamps by bacteria giving off a current when they consume carbon monoxide, all the better.

Homes are Going Green

If you’re looking to sell Oakville luxury real estate in the near future, you have to know that more and more homes are going green. There’s no other way to put it, buyers want to have a home that’s sustainable and going to help them save more and more money in the long run, and if you want to compete as a seller you’re going to have to offer something in the way of savings. Maybe it’s using ivy to protect the structure against pollution and the elements, maybe solar powered roofs or a seed garden – whatever it is, one of your selling points is going to have to get green.

When Salvador Dali Said the Future of Architecture Would Be “Hairy and Soft”

He wasn’t far off. Biomimicry has a lot to offer designers, and the more we learn to live within the bounds of nature the less we’ll have to worry about the consequences of stepping outside them. While we’re probably not going to see an algae powered car for a couple decades, more and more home trends are incorporating biodesign aesthetics. From wall paper that changes with the room temperature to trees engineered to build bridges, the future is going to be green and probably a little whacky. While most Oakville homes for sale right now are incorporating bio-design, it’s certainly something to think about. 

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