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Oakville is the safest region in all of Canada and the Greater Toronto Area, which means it gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll be close enough to work for commute, but far enough away to buy that beautiful luxury home you’ve always wanted. With Oakville situated right on Lake Ontario you can find condos and homes at great prices; but is it the right time to invest in luxury real estate? Why should you consider Oakville homes and what do they have to offer you? Let’s get started!

No Time like the Present

There’s no time like the present when it comes to buying a home. Interest rates are at all-time lows and there are just enough homes on the market to keep prices steady. Before house hunting you should get pre-approved for your financing; this will help you know where you need to look and focus more on the  homes that will suit your needs.

From the extremely desirable River Oaks neighbourhood to Southeast Oakville with its beautiful luxury homes for sale, there are neighbourhoods for every taste.  The Oak Park neighbourhood has fantastic condos and homes for younger couples and families looking for the right home. If you’re looking for luxury homes, golf courses and walking paths Glen Abbey is another choice. One of our Oakville real estate agents can help you understand which neighbourhood will be right for you.

Why Oakville?

With so many different places to choose from in the GTA (greater Toronto area), it can be hard to find “The One” luxury home that fits all of your needs. Oakville gives you the safety and community atmosphere you need on holiday and a range of fun things to do year round.  Enjoy harbours, parks, trails and gardens open for everyone. A community dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity that is a joy to live in, and a place that’s open for business.

With a selection of home styles to meet your personal needs and tastes, you couldn’t find a nicer place to live. Oakville is a blend of peace and quiet, fun and excitement that holds something special for everyone.

Why You Need the Goodale Miller Team

Figuring out the right neighbourhood for you is hard enough, but negotiating home prices and percentage rates makes buying a home even harder. When buying a home it’s all about location, location, location: lakefront property is in demand and sellers know it. If you want a home near the shore of Lake Ontario or a luxury condo you’re going to need to know which communities are the right ones. You’ll want a member of the Goodale Miller Team to help walk you through all the paperwork. Buying a home should be easy, and we make sure it is!

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