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Earlier last month Canada Post announced that 11 communities in Canada would be moved to community mailboxes, phasing out door to door mail delivery in a cost cutting measure over the next five years - a pilot program that has left many Canadians scratching their heads.

Over 25,000 homes in Oakville will be among the first to lose their door to door delivery this fall, but specifics of who, how and why are still a little hazy. One thing’s for certain: there aren’t enough community mailboxes today to meet the needs of those 25,000 Oakvillians that will soon have to use community mailboxes.

60% of Oakville Already Using Community Mailboxes

Over half of all Oakville residents are already using community mailboxes, but many residents are a little saddened by the plans for a change. It’s expected that businesses in business areas will still be able to receive large amounts of mail and parcels without any service disruptions - but only if they’re in a current high traffic delivery area.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton expressed concern about the plan, remarking in a recent interview about how 500 new community mailboxes would need to be built by fall: “Do you have any confidence that the federal government could build and consult 500 community mailboxes by October?” Burton said. “If they started today, they’d have to do five every day.”

Burton’s not alone, but many remain cautiously optimistic.

“It’s in the Mail”

If you’re one of the Oakvillians that will be shifting to a community mailbox, you’ll soon receive an information packet from Canada Post that will explain everything you need to know about how your service will change.

Most being converted over to community mailboxes are those that live adjacent to areas that already have a community mailbox, part of a pilot programme to see how difficult it will be to switch everyone over, figure out bottlenecks and make for a smoother transition for everyone later.

You’ll also have an opportunity to give input to Canada Post about your preferred delivery method, priorities and any comments or concerns.

Postal Union Fighting Cuts

The Canada Union of Postal Workers are vowing to “fight the changes every step of the way”; they claim that the changes in service will “hurt” the residents living in the 11 neighbourhoods that will be converted over to community mailboxes in the next six months.

Oakville isn’t alone; Winnipeg, Kanata, Calgary, Fort McMurray and other select communities are all making the switch over to the pilot programme. One third of Canada still receives door to door delivery (about 5 million homes) and it’s expected that larger, densely populated areas like urban Toronto and Montreal will be the last ones switched over to community mailboxes.

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