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One of the latest trends out of New York City for 2013 is “relocation therapy”. Life got you down? More and more people are moving after a major loss or life change. While it used to be you started looking at luxury real estate (or real estate in general) before you wanted to make the change, a little change in scenery may be just what the doctor ordered to get you on the right track. Here we’re going to talk about the tenets of relocation therapy, why it’s a hit and what it could do for you.

Too Much Space

Kids leaving you for university? Split from the spouse? All that space can be a painful reminder of a life that’s moving forward without you, and more and more Canadians are deciding to do something about it. Unlike our parents that held onto their big, expensive and empty homes long after they had a use for it, more Boomers and the Great Generation (those born in the 20s through the 40s) are opting to sell their real estate and “right size” or find a space that suits their lives better. Too much space isn’t always a bad thing though, and many make sure they still have room for visiting family and friends (just beware the myth of the 3 bedroom condo!)

Location, Location, Location

That prime spot was great when you bought it, but now you’re finding people raring down your street in the middle of the night makes something seem less… special about the place. At another time in your life location may have been less important than acreage, rooms and price. Why get stuck in not just the past but in a rut holding onto something that’s not working for you anymore? That big lawn was fun when the kids were mowing it, but now it’s more of a drain on your bank account. They say retail therapy is a quick fix for the blues, why not buy a new house? If the thought of hiring someone to mow it one more time makes you not want to go home again, it might just be time to buy a new house.

Know Where the Unhappiness Lies

If you’re unhappy because of the location, moving to a new home is going to help! If you’re moving because things are bad at home or because you’re battling a severe bout of depression, buying a new home may not do the trick. A change of scenery always helps, but it’s important to take stock of the whole picture and understand that a multi-faceted problem will always need a multifaceted solution. Buying a new home or selling the one you have (or both) can be part of that solution, but always treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

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