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The economy is picking up and wealthy would-be homebuyers want to have a good time.

An amazing new trend is emerging in luxury real estate – “perfect for entertaining homes”. You won’t find listings that are hyper focused on facts and functionality; instead, you’ll find sellers creating unique experiences that connect with buyers on an emotional, aspirational level. Why talk about square footage and how many foyers you have when you can focus on all the wonderful lifestyle features of your home instead?

Open Floor Concepts a Must

Everyone loves an open floor plan! Think about it, think back to the time when you were buying your home. Did those big airy spaces draw you in? Or did all those places walled off into tiny beige boxes pique your interest? Chances are, you liked the open floor concept – and so will potential buyers.

No one wants to live in a box, but it’s also important to think about practicality. If you’ve read any luxury lifestyle magazines lately, you have seen some pieces about how maddening it can be living without privacy in your own home – and if you’re buying a big home, you’ll probably have some staff. If you’re buying a luxury home, it’s good to balance an open floor plan with a few private spaces.

Emphasis on Courtyards, Decks and Outdoors

But it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts, outdoor spaces count too! Just browsing a few homes listed as perfect for entertaining and you’ll find people playing heavily to courtyards, decks and wonderful outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed year round.

While we do live in Canada, Southern Ontario can reach some fairly warm temperatures in the summertime. It never hurts to play up all the great outdoor amenities you have on premises (even on-site recreational facilities that happen to be housed inside a building could technically count as an outdoors amenity), including plenty of pictures!

Large Homes Aren’t a Must

While many of us think that luxury automatically means a huge 3500 square foot home or larger, this isn’t necessarily the case. Many wealthy homebuyers are looking for the “right” fit, not just the largest one available. It’s important to keep this in mind.

The Face of Entertaining is Constantly Changing

Entertaining changes each year – where once a formal stuffy parlor to entertain your guests would do, today it could mean a fire pit on a lavish 400 square foot terrace overlooking the skyline or Lake Ontario. Outdoor space matters, especially since most of us tend to entertain outdoors when weather permits. Everything from a swim up bars to a fully functional summer kitchen can draw the right buyer.

Is your home perfect for entertaining? We can’t tell you without taking a quick look first! If you’re thinking about selling your home, are looking for something new, or maybe even buying for the first time, we can help. Contact us today and see the difference the Goodale Miller Team can make for you.

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