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Winter in Canada can last for another month or more. It is definitely not too late to create your dream winter bedroom at this time of the year to fully enjoy the rest of the season! Try one or all of the winter bedroom decorating tips below to create your dream winter sanctuary.

Use Lighter Colours

Haven’t you noticed that Scandinavian designs tend to use hues on the lighter shade of the colour spectrum? With long dark winters and limited sunlight most of the time, using lighter colours such as pale blues, grays, whites, and creams can give your bedroom extra brightness that’s perfect for winter.

Use Pillows and Throws for Texture

Simply switching your pillows and adding a throw or two can have a huge impact on your bedroom aesthetic and feel. You don’t even have to head out and buy new. You can use what you have in your closet and convert your fur, velvet, leather, and cable knits into no-sew pillow covers. You can add a cozy warm feel by casually displaying a fur coat or faux fur jacket as an accent draped over a chair. Your imagination is really the limit.

Go for a Down Duvet

Winter calls for soft and fluffy warm materials and you’ll surely get to enjoy that with a down duvet. Down is breathable and adjusts to body temperature so it keeps you warm when it is cold and can keep you cool when the temperature turns warm. If this is your first-time shopping for a down duvet, go for one with baffles for optimal thermal insulation. Baffles will prevent the down from shifting and keep the duvet in shape through years of use. It is truly an investment that will give you better sleep.

Try Flannel for Bedding

Though it is tempting to stick to cotton or linen, switching to flannel sheets can make a huge difference especially on cold winter nights. The material’s surface is fluffy and soft, making it perfect for cuddling. The surface is also better at retaining heat, giving you warmth and comfort while you spend more time in bed during the winter months.

More Lighting is Better

Because days are much shorter in the winter, adding more lights in the bedroom can simulate the glow that lots of natural light can bring. To do this, use warm lightbulbs and have a light source for every corner of the room. An overhead light fixture with a yellowish tinge can be a beautiful winter addition to your bedroom too.

Don’t Forget a Touch of Green

With everything blanketed in whites and grays outside, a touch of green for the bedroom is the perfect accent. Use faux plants or perhaps some succulents for a low maintenance green addition to your bedroom. A print of a leaf in white canvass can have the same effect too!

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