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Both buyers and sellers can get too overinvested in what a piece of Oakville real estate looks like instead of worrying about what’s on the inside of the house. Over the next ten to twenty years, people are going to be much more interested in energy efficiency than they are with what kind of neutral colour scheme you’re using for the walls and carpet. Before buying and selling your Oakville real estate, start thinking about what really needs work.

Staging is Great, but…

It’s not everything. We’ve talked a lot here about the importance of staging your home, but how is that going to sell in a Green Market? More and more Canadians are environmentally conscious; they’re not necessarily worried about the health of the environment, but they are worried about their human health. This means more and more people are looking for homes with less carpet, they’re looking for energy efficient windows. They want a kitchen that works so they can cook great meals at home instead of going out.

Accentuate the Positives

If you’re selling your home, you’re going to want to show potential buyers all of the positives while downplaying quirks that might detract from the overall value of your home. Replaced the expensive boiler with a floor heated system that will last them the next 20 years? Tell them about it! Did you replace the roof or lead pipes? Let the buyers know! Giving buyers pertinent information about your Oakville real estate will help them make a good decision. Make sure you don’t use too many buzzwords when describing your property (who doesn’t have some “green space” to look at?) and you’ll be able to sell it much easier.

It’s Not Always About Location

In the past it was almost always about where the home was located, but people don’t just want somewhere to live, they want a place to call home. If you want to be able to sell your home, you’re going to have to sell it as a whole package. You need to show that everything works, why it’s a great home and why they should want it. Staging can help with this, but it can’t be everything. If you’re not sure how to frame your house’s value, let us help. We know how it’s done and can help you move your home off the market quickly.

Work With Us

If you want to sell or buy Oakville real estate, let us help! We’ll be able to help you not only find the right home, but the right neighbourhood and everything else that will turn a house into a home. Don’t you deserve somewhere special? Our dedicated team has years of experience to help you find the right house for you. No matter whether it’s rightsizing your life to finding a place to get a fresh start, we know all the ins and outs of the Oakville real estate market and can help you find the home of your dreams.

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