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Summer is only a couple weeks away! Is your home ready? If not yet, then you better bookmark this article because you’ll surely be using this to prepare your home for the hot months ahead!

Irrigation System Check

This is a must if you have a garden. A small leak or a faulty sprinkler can wreak havoc on both your plants and wallet. Better be safe than sorry!

No to Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed like there is no tomorrow during the warm months if they can find standing water to nurture their young in. Be sure to empty standing water regularly and say no to a mosquito nursery!

Install Screens

Speaking of mosquitoes, summer brings in other bugs. Be sure you’re prepared by installing screen doors and window screens if you live in a particularly insect-friendly area.

Time to Reorganize the Kitchen

It’s the time of the year for homemade ice cream, slushies, smoothies, and other cold delights. This means that it is also time for you to bring out your summer-friendly appliances within easy reach and put away those that you usually use during the cold months.

Prepare for Summer Crafts

Whether you have kids or not, a dedicated space for crafting and related supplies would be great to have. Not a crafter? Then prepare a reading nook!

Organize School Related Things

It is the end of the school year for those with kids so make way for other kid-friendly things by putting away school papers, artwork, and other school works. You don’t have to keep everything. Just keep those that your child loves the most and donate or recycle the rest.

Update Your Emergency Supplies and First Aid Kit

Summer means more outdoor activities and an increased risk for injury for both people and pets. Ensure that you’re prepared by having a first aid kit both at home and in the car.

Have a Dedicated Space for Beach-Related Things

The last thing you want on a beautiful summer day is to spend half the day trying to find your bathing suits, beach towels, and picnic basket before you can head out. Put all these things in an easy to reach place and don’t forget that you can use this summer prep tip for other outdoor gear if you’re not a beachgoer!

Freshen Up Your Home

Now would be the time to switch to lighter-hued décor in all living areas and maybe bring in fresh white towels for your bathroom. You can’t go wrong with a beach inspired theme or simply switching up things to include a lot of white. Light hues do not only look pleasing to the eye but can also cool your home because they absorb less heat.

Tackle House Maintenance Projects

Take the first weeks of June to check your cooling systems and to clean out the shed or garage. Schedule planting bee-friendly flowers and other outdoor projects for the later part of the month. If you still have time, be sure to clean gutters and downspouts if you weren’t able to do this yet. The idea is to get as much maintenance chores done so you can enjoy the rest of the season to your heart’s content.

This should be number 11 but we’re including this as a bonus, create a summer must-do list. List down all the fun adventures you’re looking forward to and make sure that you get the most out of summer by completing your list. Involve the entire family in creating this list for a truly unforgettable summer ahead!

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