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Earlier in January the Oakville Town Council approved a new plan to revitalize Kerr Village - not only to improve the look and feel of the Village, but to provide both property owners and tenants with the funds they need to improve the façades of storefronts and buildings.

It’s just another way that Oakville is creating a more beautiful, sustainable place to live. After all, why tear down all those beautiful historical buildings and storefronts when we can just spend a little bit to repair and bring it up to date?

Preserving the Heart of Oakville

Kerr Village describes itself on its website as a “trove of retain treasures, a mix of small town hospitality and urban revitalization”. It’s best known for its smattering of Mom and Pop shops, local restaurants and street festivals.

While Kerr Village is a great place to shop, eat and spend time together, the Building Improvement Grant will go a long way towards making this area of town a more attractive and economically sustainable.

What Does the Grant Cover?

Many Oakvillians are left wondering what the grants cover; is it just for commercially zoned businesses, just for storefronts? Can mixed-use properties apply for funds to improve?

The program will cover existing commercial, office and mixed-use buildings. This means you can’t get sneaky about it and erect a corner building to try and get a grant over in Kerr Village.

If you have an existing building that fits into one of those three categories above, and your building is located south of Speers Road with a façade either directly facing Kerr Street or Lakeshore Road, you may be eligible for the grant. Façades on corner streets on one of the side streets may also be eligible.

The grant covers everything from covering up to 50% (up to $12,500) of cleaning and painting façades, improving or installing exterior lighting, accessibility upgrades (e.g.: ramps and handrails), awnings, canopies, and even repair and replacement of doors and windows.

“It’s a very exciting time for Kerr Village and for Oakville”

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton supports the plan wholeheartedly, saying that “This grant is one incentive to make improvements possible in a way that reinforces the town’s commitment to creating a more livable Oakville.”

He also spoke about how the new community improvement plans brought businesses and residents together to find ways to not only enhance the surroundings, but to create fantastic opportunities for community and economic growth.

While Oakville remains committed to growth and expansion, the Town Council is also committed to being good stewards of the past and using city funds wisely to improve the town, making the city better for everyone.

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