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While Canada day is far behind us, it’s time to enjoy the great weather and check into the little things that can become big things once fall and winter swing back around. Summer is a great time to run a home energy audit, clean up patio furniture and run exterior maintenance like weather treating your deck and cleaning any and all concrete and paths. A little maintenance now can help you avoid big problems later. Patching cracks in your concrete and asphalt now will help you avoid nasty holes once the rain starts is important, but don’t forget to prune your trees and shrubs too!

Take Care of Problem Trees Now

If you have dead trees or problem trees you’re going to be able to find them and get to them this time of year. Dead trees can usually wait until early autumn, but now is a great time to spot trouble trees.

What is a trouble tree though? Is it near a power line or really close to your roof? Trim it back. Are some of the branches dead or busted? Trim it back. If you have wild grape vines that are climbing your trees or other vegetation strangling your trees you’ll want to trim that back too.

Clear Out Exhaust Fans

Exhaust and ventilation shafts need to be cleared out, and warm weather is a great opportunity to get stuff done! Scheduling a visit from your usual contractor to get your ducts cleared out, change your air filters in your HVAC system and other vent/exhaust maintenance will keep things rolling throughout the year.

Run an Energy Audit

The key to an energy efficient household isn’t spending thousands of dollars every season, but knowing what can be updated and tackling them one by one. Having an energy audit done at the height of summer is actually going to help you come winter.

If you identify drafty windows and insulation issues now, you’ll be able to get through the winter nice and toasty without a high energy bill. The same goes for appliances you use all year round, especially in the summer time. It can be money literally flying out the window and you wouldn’t even know it – and if you’re thinking about selling your home during the busy fall season, it’s good to know where you stand before you put your home on the market.

Get Cleaned Up

It’s a great time of year to get things cleaned up. Looking at your gutters, clearing away dead branches and mending fences can go a long way towards making your home sparkle. Grab some new house numbers. Clear up paths and make your yard sparkle.

Spring cleaning is rarely fun, but a little maintenance now will save you from some serious headaches later. If you’re trying to find a home or sell the one you already own, give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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