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Turns out all those reports about the smell of cookies selling homes don’t hold up! Researchers recently studied how certain scents effected purchase decisions and it turns out the smell of cookies… make people hungry. Yep! It’s true! If you’re trying to sell your home you’re going to want to use more neutral relaxing scents that instill trust like lemons, oranges, cedar, pine, and even vanilla. Going the cookie route just sends too many confusing messages (especially if you just used a cookie candle and people are wandering around your house trying to find the free cookie plate!)

Complex Scents are Distracting

A Swedish research group study recently showed that people are more suggestible and motivated when they're enjoying simple scents or no scent at all during a buying experience. When it came to home furnishings, people best responded to scents like lemon, pine, cedar and even vanilla.

It was shown that when you introduce complex smells into the mix like cookies, chocolate, or things that we would associate with "being home" can actually confuse people when it comes time to buy. Many people go the candle route leaving prospective buyers wandering around their home trying to find the source of the free food

Remind Them They’re in a Home, Not a Bakery

Home smells are all about feeling clean, comfortable - think of the smell of a new home, a clean home. What instantly comes to mind? The smell of pine? The smell of cedar? Vanilla wax on hardwood floors? Lemons and oranges polishing heavy, comfortable furniture?

You want to put people at ease and make them see themselves in your home. While you may not have any of the things they're smelling, if you do the job right their imaginations will do the rest.

When in doubt, think about hiring a professional stager. They're going to help you find the things that go naturally in your home without having to try and brute force something that just won't work. If your home is in the woods and it smells like pineapples, it's probably not going to contribute to the ambience and feeling that goes with your home.

Avoid a Flaming Disaster

Another reason you might want to avoid cookies is that... well... burned cookies aren't so great when you're trying to sell a home. Some people buy a big hunk of cookie dough and let it go all day in the oven on low, or bake pumpkin bread - but this is not always a good idea.

Some people just hate the smell of cookies, others will get hungry and forget why they're there. Deciding to bid on a luxury home is hard enough, do you really want to complicate thought processes by throwing in delicious or burnt cookies into the mix? Probably not!

Others opt for candles in the hopes of avoiding a flaming mess, but let's face it: it's an open flame. If you have an open flame it's a fire hazard and you'll want to take great care to avoid an incident.

Simple and No Scents Make More Cents

It was shown that simple scents and no scents actually made people buy more often and spend more money than with complex scents. The last thing you want to do is overcomplicate the situation - make sure that you make them feel comfortable but don't oversell it.

But why try and figure out the perfect scent for your home when you can get a complete strategy created just for you and what you need? Give us a call today and see what the Goodale Miller team can do for your home.

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