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When buying a piece of property, especially what is considered to be a luxury home, a lot of people would often remark that they wish the home comes with a pool or a place to install one. In today’s real estate market, finding some property on flat ground or on a sizable piece of land which is located on a prime area is not always easy because that space is often already taken – but don’t let that stop you from installing a pool in your luxury home.

Nowadays, pool designers are coming up with more and more innovative ways to integrate pools into every landscape, from urban areas, hillsides, rooptops and other sites. Here are some of the best luxury pool ideas which will no doubt make you want one.

Hillside Pools

luxury pool 1

If you have a home built on a slope or the side of a hill, you’ve probably given up having a beautiful luxury pool. Actually, homes built on such areas can take advantage of that land feature to have amazing multi-level pools, perhaps even have some ‘waterfalls’.

If you’re not into the multi-level pool idea, you can also opt for a vanishing-edge pool to take advantage of building on a hillside. With the building technology we have today, you simply have to find a good company to take care of this and your dreams of some cascading water and beautiful pools to swim in can certainly come true.

Rooftop Pools

luxury pool 2

Often a predicament of city dwellers, having a private pool is often not a possibility because of the limitations of space in urban areas. However, a pool doesn’t have to be dug unto the ground. Building vertically is the way to go when land area is limited and yes, you can still have a pool to make your luxury home more luxurious. How? By utilizing the rooftop of course!

Building a pool on the rooftop offers many possibilities, and it is not just rooftop pool parties under the stars! You can choose to have the pool have a glass bottom. That way, the pool would actually be a feature of the living space below it, as well as to serve a means to let in natural light in the day.

Beachside and Lakeside Pools

luxury pool 3

Sure, you already have water to swim in right out of your doorstep, but everyone knows that taking a dip in a freezing lake or beach is not fun. How about building an infinity beachside pool or an infinity lakeside pool? Perhaps even build a waterfront patio going to the pool to make your luxury pool more stylish?

Having a pool built this way would give you the outdoor ambiance and fantastic view which has first drawn you to purchase your luxury home but also give you the comfort and luxury of an indoor pool. It’s the best of both worlds!

Wanting to find a luxury home in Oakville with the perfect pool or to build your luxury pool in? We have homes with existing pools as well as lakeside properties for the true lovers of the water. Contact us and find out what are the available home options for you to choose from.

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