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Your luxury car represents a substantial financial investment.  You need to take proper care of it.  It has a number of other important places in our lives, as well.  Day-to-day use makes us think of a car as a given, a basic, but the independent transport it represents can save a life, property, a crucial deal, or simply turn daily problems into minor errands.

Besides, we love our cars.  And we place a lot of comforts in them, such as heated seats, air conditioning, phone and digital systems.  This is as it should be.  You wear high quality clothing, own luxury real estate, and dine in fine restaurants.  If you're not going to be comfortable, you might as well own a stripped box on wheels, rather than a fine automobile. 

It Sounds Silly But...

You need to actually read the manual.  View any video or written material from the manufacturer.  There's a reason the people who made your car want you to see this material.  Many people skip this common-sense measure.  They think, “I'm not a mechanic.  I already know how to drive. If there's any trouble, I'll take it to a specialist.”

Manuals tell you much about what you need to know for day-to-day use.  The technology changes with every model.  And even if all you know about mechanical matters is the first name of an employee who knows about those things, the non-expert needs to be at least aware of some of the maintenance.  How would you feel if you were broken-down on some back-country road, inconvenienced, maybe even endangered, your investment damaged – and it was something you could have prevented?

Use the Right Fuel, Oil and Fluids

Manufacturers specify the type and grade of fuel, oil, brake fluid, and other things the vehicle is designed to use.  They know what they're talking about.  If a car's manufacturer specifies “regular” petrol and you regularly spend a bit extra for mid-range or even high octane, you are not “pampering my baby” – you are stressing that engine. 

Everything about a modern car's engine is carefully calculated.  How much heat the machinery produces in normal operation, the durability of materials, how long parts will last that are expected to be used up, wear and tear on major parts.  You need to use the right oil, brake fluid, steering fluid, and other supplies.  Follow the schedules suggested by the manufacturers – change the oil however many thousands of miles they specify, and regularly check, refill, or drain and replace other fluids.

Use Authorized Maintenance Services

The manufacturers of fine luxury automobiles have training programs, designed to teach mechanics exactly what is needed for their particular vehicles.  That “Authorized Service” logo on the wall at the garage is your assurance that whoever works on your car knows what they are doing, that your work can be done within a reasonable amount of time, and that your warranties will still be good when you drive away.

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