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Found a great home in a dream location but not so sure how you can make the low ceilings work for you? We’ve got you covered with the following easy to implement design moves that are bound to make your awkward attic, down-low basement, or just a cramped room seem brighter without actually raising the roof!

Paint It White

Painting the ceiling white or in a very light colour plus adding as much light as you can will work wonders! Make sure to shine light from lamps upwards to eliminate dark corners and make the room appear more lifted.

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Work Your Furniture

Furniture positioning plays a huge role in making the room feel taller. If a room has some areas with even lower ceilings, use that space for creating seating areas and leave the parts with taller ceilings for getting around.

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Cove Lights All the Way!

Using cove lights is a great way to trick the eye into seeing sources of sunlight and make the brain believe that the space is larger than it really is. This is especially fantastic in cramped attics and basements more so if there are nearly no windows.

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Go Bold

Bold furniture can distract the eye from focusing on ceiling height because they draw attention unto themselves. Colourful rugs, weighty couches, and stout tables bring the eyes down, thus making the ceiling feel higher.

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Keep It Low

Speaking of bringing the eyes down, go the extra mile and choose low furniture to create a warm and casual space. This will invite people to snuggle, sit down, and cozy up, making the ceiling issue nearly unnoticeable.

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Open it Up

Another strategy to steal a foot or two of ceiling space is to expose the beams. This will make the room feel quirkier and more eclectic, more so if you choose an industrial or cottage theme.

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Go Minimalist

What is the easiest way to free up more space? Don’t fill up the space with furniture! Sometimes less is indeed more, and this is especially true for small spaces with low ceilings. Stay away from dressers, heavy beds, and armoires. Go for floating shelves, hidden storage, and wall-mounted TV. You’ll love how light everything will be!

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Indulge with More

If you’re not into the minimalist idea, go to the other side of the spectrum and fill the room with rich and decadent details. Spare no space, paint your personality everywhere and no one will notice the ceiling is a bit low.

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Downsize Everything!

Forget battling the low ceiling and learn to love it! Embrace your ceilings with smaller-scaled furniture. Make the room as cozy as possible by using textured accents, beautiful details, and plenty of flush surfaces. With a cuddling-conducive room, no one will want for more space!

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