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Selling your home fast shouldn’t mean sacrificing a mutually satisfying deal. You can increase your home’s asking price and still sell your home fast if you make the right home improvement decisions. Below are 5 of our most recommended budget-friendly home improvement ideas that will draw in the best returns when selling your home.

Give Your Walls a Makeover


Whether you decide to clean your walls with a thorough washing or go for a full repainting, freshening up your walls can make the entire home feel like new again as well as give you an opportunity to completely change your home’s aesthetics. Repainting walls or adding an accent wall can drastically alter the look and feel of your home. Give it a try!

Revamp Your Kitchen


A kitchen makeover can be achieved via several measures. Replacing the floors can make a huge impact and bring up the price of your home by a few thousand dollars. You may also go for a kitchen cabinet makeover or replace your kitchen countertops. If budget permits, replacing kitchen appliances and making them all stainless steel will surely draw in buyers. Remember that the majority of buyers will place a lot of value on how the kitchen looks. It can either be a deal maker or a deal breaker so choose wisely.

Go for Landscaping


Curb appeal is a great selling point. More so, a well-manicured lawn or backyard can give the impression that everything else in the home is well-taken cared of. This home improvement project doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of home improvement ideas to give your home the curb appeal that it deserves. If you’re pressed for time, adding some potted plants and garden lighting will go a long way.

Show Your Floors Some Love


Power washing stone floors can bring it back to its former glory just as resurfacing wood floors can make old hardwood floors shine. Don’t forget to get your carpets and rugs cleaned as well. A few thousand dollars spent on this home improvement project can sell your home within weeks of posting; and if you did a good job, you might even get offers that are above your asking price. A floor upgrade definitely pays for itself!

Invest in Better Lighting


Installing some new lighting fixtures or even just replacing old bulbs can boost your home’s aesthetics. Nobody wants a dull looking home, after all. If budget permits, opting for recessed lighting and adding some lights in key areas such as under cabinets, inside cabinets, and on stairwells. Removing dark furniture might help too, as well as making sure that windows are not blocked and can let in natural light.

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