Posted 9.10.13 @ 11:28 by: Staff

It’s hard to update your kitchen, and when you’re looking at other area homes for sale you might think you’re up the creek without a paddle; after all, who can afford to make their home look like that on a shoestring budget? Here we’re going to talk about how you can update virtually any kitchen just by changing the cabinets – a little staining and paint can go a long way towards making your kitchen really shine. Make your home stand out from the pack, don’t pay more than you have to! Let’s get started.

Keep Your Cabinets

You’ll actually want to keep your cabinets – custom cabinet boxes and trim can be really expensive and honestly the older ones are better built than newer cabinets. What we’re doing here is refacing the doors and drawer fronts to give your kitchen a whole new look. You don’t have to get out there and buy all new faces too, if you don’t want to – but you will want to make sure that you paint it and breathe new life into your kitchen. It’s all about making something from nothing; classic beauty can really go a long way when it comes to your cabinets.

Check Out Drawer Fronts and Doors

This is what you’re going to want to change out. You’ll be able to find these at home and builder’s supply stores, but if you want to get the most bang for your buck you’re going to want to look at liquidators that sell stuff for bottom dollar. You’d be surprised at what you could find for a steep discount – but make sure it’s actually what you want. The last thing you want to do is wind up with cabinet faces and drawers that are going to be all wrong for you and your kitchen. You want to level up, not dress down.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

You can measure things yourself, but we highly recommend you work with a professional. Talk to your luxury realtor and see if they know anyone that they can recommend to you. If you have a regular contractor that you work with, work with them. Gathering materials on your own can help you save a lot of money in the long run (everyone knows that they pad these to make things level).

Pay Attention to Hardware

Hardware selections can make or break your kitchen design. Most people actually spend the most on their hardware like drawer pulls and knobs because it’s that little touch of youness, uniqueness that you’re bringing to the space. It might seem a bit crazy to spend $10 on a pull (or more in some cases), but if you want to give your home that luxury real estate feel, you’re going to have to go big or go home. Don’t be afraid to hire a designer to get some ideas – after all, you’re just paying for the consult, you don’t have to buy their services if you don’t want to!

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