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When you want to get a home you have to make an offer… but how do you know what the right offer is? If you bid too high you’re paying too much, if you bid too low you could end up insulting the seller. It’s a tough world out there competing for homes, but when you work with us as your Oakville luxury realtor you’re going to get all the help you need ot put down a bid you can be proud of. Let us help you figure out so you can get the home that’s right for you.

Make an Offer that Makes Sense

You need a CMA or Comparative Market Analysis to really understand the value of a home. You don’t want to try and buy a house that’s just not worth it, and that’s why you need to know the value before you try and buy. If your bid is accepted, in most cases (condos are an exception) you’re legally on the hook for the amount that you said you’d pay for the home. You need to know that the home you’re bidding on is the one that’s right for you. Don’t bid on Oakville homes for sale that you’re not sure about – know before you put money down.

Appreciation and Depreciation Play a Role

Appreciation and depreciation play a role when it comes to pricing your bid. Oakville homes for sale come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes that interesting mural in the entryway isn’t really going to bring up the appraised value like the seller hopes it will. There are many things known as “intangibles” that a seller will think adds to the value of a home, but in reality it’s not helping the price go up.

Appreciation can happen though, especially with vital updates. Brand new appliances in the kitchen and radiant floor heating throughout the house? Completely replaced the plumbing stacks AND you have an independent apartment in the basement that you can rent out for extra money? These are the kinds of things that will help a property appreciate and will make Oakville homes for sale much more interesting.

Is the House Free and Clear, or Do They Have Debt?

If a home owner is trying to avoid foreclosure or wants to pay off their mortgage so they can move, they may be more amenable to your offer. Working with us as your Oakville luxury realtor you’ll get all the help you need to know what you need to know to buy a home. It’s so important to know if the title is free and clear – this can be an upperhand that you can use to bid a little less or offer a higher good faith deposit to ensure that you beat out any competition. When it comes to buying Oakville real estate knowledge is power – do you have it on your side?

Let us help you find the home that suits you best! If you’d like to know more, contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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