Posted 5.24.13 @ 10:45 by: Staff

Sometimes the PC train can get a little weird, but when you’re trying to frame your home in just the right way to sell, you have to consider all your options. Some think that a master bedroom or a master suite is sexist, while others may not care so much! Here we’re going to go over why more and more realtors are shying away from listing anything with negative connotations and what you can do to make sure your master-owner-suit-bedroom helps you instead of hurting you.

Small Trend Gaining Traction

Among MLS listings placed in the last 2 years, there has been a slow yet steady trend towards listing “owner’s suites” instead of master bedroom. Many real estate brokerages are starting to shy away from anything that might turn buyers off – even if there isn’t much evidence that it does. It may also have something to do with the snickers of a realtor announcing that this is the “Master suite”, but we’ll never know for sure. When you’re trying to market a property, you want to be as careful and respectful of potential buyers as you can be.

Most say that no one is actually prompting this – it’s just builders and realtors trying to make a big push forward. Though the terms “rare find”, “master bedroom”, and “desirable” can get a bit tedious when you’re trying to make your listing stand out. Everyone on your block is probably advertising that they’re in a desirable neighbourhood with mature trees – but how are you going to make your listing pop? It could be that an owner’s suite will pique their interest and get them to come check out what you have to offer.

Lawsuit Myth

There were big fears in the mid to late 90s about the term master’s suite bringing the ire of people itching to fight legal battles, especially in the US… but that seems to have fizzled out. From research, we couldn’t find a single lawsuit that was filed over the term. So this might be a case of professionals being a little too overcautious when it comes to terms.

What about you? Do you think Master’s Suite or Master Bedroom is an issue for you when you’re looking at listings? Would you rather call it an Owner’s Suite (or in the case of renting, maybe a bill-payer’s suite would be better), a Captain’s Quarters? Has the PC train wandered a little too far off the tracks this time?

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