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MoneySense magazine’s latest city ratings just came out, and Oakville was chosen as No. 2 in the best mid-sized Canadian cities to live in. Not just in the GTA, or Southern Ontario, or the whole province, but all of Canada! It was second only to Burlington (which is a nice place to live - but we still think Oakville should have won!), and beat out over 200 other cities for the top spot.

Oakville: One of Canada’s Best Places to Live in 2014

This year MoneySense focused more on living in smaller communities, in places they call “Canada’s Best Kept Secrets”. Oakville was chief among these since you get that small town feel with all those big city services that you’ve come to know and love.

Cities selected had to face a laundry list of daunting criteria of over 30 different factors and a myriad of categories (Best Place to Retire, Best Place to Live, Best Place to Raise Kids), and measured everything from income, schools and even the response of municipalities to clear fallen tree limbs. It’s a pretty comprehensive list - and amazing that Oakville made it up to the top!

Oakville, No. 2 Medium Sized City, No. 7 City in All of Canada

MoneySense Magazine awarded Oakville in multiple categories:

  • Best Medium Sized City: 2nd Place (Only one point separated us from first place!) Out of 200
  • Best Place to Live in Canada (All cities) 7th Place Out of 100
  • Best Place to Retire (All Cities) 8th Place
  • Best Place to Raise Children 4th Place
  • Best Weather City 5th Place out of 10

But as far as best place for weather, we’re probably not going to win that next year! With the freak bouts of spring then snow, it’s no surprise that most of the best weather cities that won MoneySense’s award are west of Winnipeg.

What Makes Oakville So Special?

Oakville scored so high because it’s just a neat place to live.

Arts, culture, nature, sustainability and an eye towards smart growth makes it one of the best cities in all of Canada to live. From the mom and pop shops in Kerr Village to the bright cultural festivals, the luxurious mansions, the great community programs and even just knowing the snow will be cleared on time, there’s a lot of little factors that add up to make it a fantastic place to live.

Who doesn’t want to live in one of the top cities in Canada? Who doesn’t want to live in a fantastic showcase home right on the lake? Better yet - who wouldn’t want to live here?

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