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Many Boomers are leaving their stressful old jobs behind and finding success later in life with a second career, but what does this mean for you? If you’re a Boomer considering a career change (and a move to Oakville, hint hint) now is the right time. According to a recent study retail is the most popular switch for many Boomers, but financial, scientific, technical and healthcare fields and very popular too. If you’re making the switch and moving to Oakville, we can help you find a new home! Here we’re going to talk about what makes for a successful career and why people are doing it, so let’s get started.

More Making the Switch Says CARP

31% of new jobs gained in the last 3 years were gained by people 50+, and 31% of the workforce today is post-retirement age. More of us are working longer after retirement to get better benefits, and most can leverages their skills and experience to turn their pipe dream into a dream job.

Canadians post-retirement age have a much better chance of being successful with some college or more, says a recent TD study. For example, Canadians with more than a high school education (a few college courses or better) are involved in almost a third of all startup businesses today, while Canadians with less than that are less than 10% of the startup market.

Many Boomers Starting Their Own Business

With the global economy, one of the only ways to ensure you can stay employed is to start your own business. Business to business (B2B) services are among the most popular, but as long as you’re doing something you love, that’s what matters.

Last year more Canadians were involved with start-ups more than any other group combined, showing that you don’t have to just be starting out to start up. Again, the more educated you are the better off you’ll be; technological literacy is also a precursor to success when it comes to the startup field.

Why More Are Delaying Retirement

Most Canadians are delaying retirement, not because of their income, but because of their savings. Right now we’re seeing an unprecedented amount of people that are making more money than ever before, but quite a few people that aren’t quite where they want to be yet with their retirement savings. Just by working an extra 5-10 years you can increase your savings by 20-50%, depending on how you save. It’s easy to see why more and more are continuing to work after the retirement years have kicked in.

Is it Time for Another Career?

If you’re thinking about retirement, think twice. The longer you work the more you can save for your eventual retirement – and sell your current home and buy a better forever home in the meantime. With Canadians living longer than ever before, why retire halfway through?

If you’re looking for a new home, now’s the best time to buy! Give us a call today and see what the Goodale Miller team can do for you.

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