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Did you know that more of us are using our mobile devices as our go-to information gathering tool when we’re buying homes? It’s true, but it’s important that you take your time and really know what you’re getting into. While your mobile phone might be your primary tool for buying a home, you’ll still want to cross reference all your information and work with a luxury realtor (The Goodale Miller Team’s been helping clients buy and sell homes for years!) that will actually help you meet your goals.

Don’t Want to Wait to See it In Person?

You’re not alone. Many Canadians searching for real estate, luxury homes for sale in particular, just don’t want to have to wait for a private appointment to see a property. And that saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true in this case.

Maybe you’ve already seen it and you’re still a little on the fence about a home. You may love the location, you may love the property, and after that tour you’re asking yourself if this is really the right house… how many guest bathrooms and what did that mural on the ceiling in the entry hall look like again?

If you’re almost ready to make an offer, or almost ready to book that appointment for a personal tour of the home, the internet can be your best friend. You’ll be able to see exact numbers, photos of things you may have breezed by when you were trying to see everything there was to see in that 30 minute appointment.

More Luxury Buyers Are Peeping at with Apple

But with an iPhone or iPad, not with an Android device. It really comes as no surprise when you think about it.

Over half of pageviews that come across the country are coming from people on mobile devices – not those on desktop computers. For most of us, our mobile phones are our primary information gathering tool when it comes to luxury real estate, and even though the amount of people searching luxury real estate (homes $1m and up) were a smaller sampling of the online population (most homebuyers on mobile devices were looking at homes worth less than $1m), they’re still a significant group searching for homes!

Lower priced markets tend to have more Android and Windows phone users than higher priced markets where searchers seem to favour Apple’s iPad, iPhone and even some iPods searching about

Either way, homes are still selling rather quickly in the hottest markets, especially across the GTA. While many real estate experts predicted the usual slowdown we see in the last few months of the year, bidding wars and supply have only tightened, making this one of the roughest holiday shopping seasons, especially for luxury homes.

Searching for a beautiful home but want to avoid the Christmas Crush? Working with us, the Goodale Miller Team can help you avoid crowds and zero in on the home that’s right for you. Give us a call today and see the difference.

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