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Ford of Canada announced that its next generation car, the Ford Edge, will be built at its Oakville plant - made with tons of Hamilton steel. The new Ford Edge will be assembled at its local plant here in town, and sold all over the world in over 60 countries. This is great news for Oakville, especially since it will bring job security for years to come for over 2,800 autoworkers, plus Ford’s local suppliers.

What is the Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge is a crossover car based on the Ford Fusion, Mazda CX and Mazda 6 series, as well as the Lincoln MKX cars. The new version will begin rolling off the line for the 2015 year and will be sold globally in over 60 countries.

When it first came out in 2006, it posted only 2,200 sales - but today it has grown into over a million sold each year globally.

Why is the Ford Edge So Important for Oakville?

Few people understand that for a Canadian car to be successful, it has to be not only a big seller in Canada, but around the world too!

For Ford, the global utility vehicle market is one of the most successful and most profitable sectors to grab hold of - and that’s why the Ford Edge is so important. It takes a lot of labour and raw materials to supply the Oakville Assembly Complex (which spans about 5.5 million square feet!) which assembles over 250,000 cars each year.

Officials at the plant cautioned that while they are committed to the Oakville plant, new jobs won’t be immediately coming to the area. If the car is a success, they remain cautiously optimistic that new jobs will be added.

Ford Spending Over $700 Million

It’s said that Ford of Canada spent over $700 million to retool the local assembly plant, along with a $142 million in provincial and federal funds. Oakville’s assembly plant beat out a dozen other plants around the world to become the new global platform for the new Ford Edge car.

The Edge is Ford’s latest offering into the global utility market, a market that Ford tends to do well in. Utility vehicles made a jump of 13% last year, of which Ford saw a 35% growth with over 1.2 million new vehicles in 2013 - which is why it spent so much retooling its Oakville facility.

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