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Just a few more short months to go and Oakville’s youth will have access to the new Oakville Youth Centre in Glen Abbey! Imagine a welcoming space where our Town’s youth will have access to computers, homework help, an onsite library and job search resources. Sounds like a dream? Well, it will be a reality soon!

New Premier Location

Come January 2016, a new safe and supervised space featuring a wide range of resources and services will be opened to the public at 1131 Nottinghill Gate and will be the replacement for the soon-to-be-closed Oakville Youth Centre at 177 Cross Avenue.

Why would there be a need to build in a new location? The new home of the youth centre was chosen because of its close proximity to a big residential area that has a significant population of youth and children. The new site also features a large enough space for all the facilities needed in a youth centre. Considering that two secondary schools and three elementary schools are within walking distance of the new site, plus the fact that it is on an Oakville Transit route, it is no surprise that it was chosen indeed.

Oakville’s Parks, Recreation and Library Master Plan noticed the need for a youth centre north of the QEW in 2012. It was also a response to the attendee decline at the old youth centre which was brought upon by a demographic shift in the community.

Catering to our Town’s Youth

Mayor Rob Burton says that involving and engaging our Town’s youth in our community is part of the reason why the new youth center was built. He adds that they’ve seen what youth centres have done in other neighbourhoods and is confident that having the same in Glen Abbey will have a positive impact to the whole Oakville community.

Recreation Services Senior Manager Tricia Lewis says that the new centre will not only be a place for doing some homework and research, they’re building it to make it into an environment where everyone can feel a sense of belonging. More information about this will be shared at the information session at 1050 Nottinghill Gate, St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School Library on Monday, September 28. The information session will be conducted from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Information about youth-oriented services and programs will be shared by the Town staff at the session. Attendees will also get to have a sneak peek at the proposed facility layout, construction timeline, planned amenities, and official opening. There would be discussions of the opportunities which local youth can get involved in planning the centre.

Oakville was recognised as a Youth Friendly Community recently. Our Town was given a gold status (by Play Works) for our commitment in providing our young residents opportunities to have fun, contribute, and participate in our community. Isn’t that amazing?

For the latest information on the new youth centre, you can follow @OakvilleYouth on twitter or you can visit the Oakville Youth Facebook page.

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