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Last month, Metrolinx announced that they’re adding GO train service to St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, that’s a new daily train trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls and back each day!

Off to a Great Start

Excited passengers boarded the first regular-route GO train leaving Niagara Falls going to Toronto on the first Monday of the year at 5:19 a.m., with a stop at St. Catharines and going to Union Station. Seasonal GO Train to the area have been available for a while and this new regular weekday route is appreciated by many who can now travel between Toronto and Niagara Falls faster.

The first train arrived in Oakville ahead of schedule and was able to leave on time, reported Leslie Woo, Metrolinx’s chief planning and development officer. There were no issues and the operation went on flawless and smooth, a great start for this new daily route by the transport system.

Woo further shared that Metrolinx was overwhelmed by the positive response and that they were emotional and touched by the response, particularly from Niagara Falls residents who wanted something like this for quite some time.

Niagara regional chair Jim Bradley shared that although he wasn’t there for the first trip, several elected officials who were there said that they were very pleased with the trip and more pleased to see the number of parked cars in the station parking lot.

Metrolinx in the Future

There is a lot of expectation for Metrolinx to keep building and adding new routes in the future, with people describing the new GO Train Niagara Falls - Toronto route as a positive step forward. Bradley adds that people just have to be a bit more patient as station upgrades, infrastructure updates, track twinning, and bridge improvements take time and can delay the opening of more regular trips to certain locales. He further said that Niagara Region is working hard to improve public transportation and to make it possible for people to get on and off the GO Stations without having to drive their car.

Earlier Than Expected

The GO Train trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls was announced 4 years earlier than Metrolinx anticipated, citing the good relationship with CN rail as the main factor why the service was used a lot earlier than expected. The service used existing infrastructure and tweaked time slots to accommodate the new route.

Niagara says that the current morning train schedule which starts 6:39 a.m. at Hamilton’s West Harbour will now begin at 5:19 a.m. at Niagara Falls, stop at St. Catharines, stop again at Hamilton, and travel onwards to Toronto. In the evenings, the existing train trip starts at 5:15 p.m. from Union Station going to West Harbour then will continue going to St. Catharines, and lastly, Niagara Falls. For those with a Presto card, the trip will cost $19.80.

There is only a single trip per day at present time, but this can change in the future. There is talk of possibly more service into Niagara and Hamilton Region.

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