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With everything needed to have a fully functional state-of-the-art hospital already in place, the new Oakville Hospital is more than prepared to accommodate patients when it opens in about 2 months. Really, all that seems to be missing is some patients!

A few weeks ago, the members of the media was given a hospital tour of the new Oakville Trafalgar Hospital by Halton Healthcare Services (HHS). The tour gave the members of the press an intimate glimpse of what awaits Oakville residents at the $2.7 billion facility which took 4 full years of construction to build.

Right upon entering the facility, you’ll be greeted with a campus-like atmosphere that is unlike any other hospital. The main lobby of this new hospital dwarfs the lobby of the existing Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. It features a huge fireplace, a massive open space, expansive windows, and even a piano!


The staff are being prepared so that they can be fully acquainted with the huge facility before the opening on December 13 this year. HHS’s communications specialist Andrea Korol shares that the facility has been undergoing a lot of system testing and conducting staff training and preparation for everything to work efficiently once the hospital opens. Activities include cleaning and checking supplies, organising supplies, installing and testing equipment, and more.

About $65 million was successfully raised by the Oakville Hospital Foundation with the help of the community to purchase new medical equipment and technology – That’s $5 million more than the $60 million goal to purchase 30,000 pieces of supplies, technology, and equipment!

Where else would you find a CT-scan that has a picture of the sky painted within to help patients have something to focus on while being scanned? The new building will also have 3 MRIs by the time it opens.

More Features

The hospital will have the John Oliver Auditorium (named after the former CEO and president of HHS) to accommodate lectures and conferences with space enough to hold 200 loose seats and 200 fixed seats in place. This auditorium will have cameras for recording lectures so that those who are not able to attend in person can do so via video.

The cafeteria, which will retain the name Parsons Pantry, will have 4 food vendors, including Thai Express and Tim Hortons. It will have a wide-open setting that has 400 seats. Aside from these, 60 additional seats will be installed in the cafeteria’s outdoor portion. A huge fireplace will provide warmth for both the people outside and inside the cafeteria.

There would be numerous courtyards and outdoor spaces for everyone, which allowed the architects to add more windows to give surrounding patients room access to natural light, plus give patients and families some quiet outdoor space. But how about winter? Well, there’s a heated walkway for that.

Enhanced Facilities

Most emergency departments rely on curtains to provide privacy to patients, but the new hospital’s emergency department has 60 single-patient rooms for extra privacy. The rooms will have clear glass doors that turns opaque at the touch of a button, how’s that for curtain substitute?

There’s 457 patient beds with 80% of those being private in the whole hospital. Meaning, rooms with their own sterilizer, bedpan disposal, and shower. The rooms will have a couch that folds out into a bed for family members who wish to stay the night. How’s this for comfort and privacy?

New Oakville Hospital Guided Tours

Would you want to take a look at the new hospital? Then perhaps you can join the self-guided tours scheduled between 10am to 2pm. No registration is needed so everyone’s welcome. Just know that doors will be closed by 2pm. Two more dates are available for tours, October 17 and 18.

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