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Oakville won’t be the Town that it is today without all the people making it the community we all love. In view of this, we are pleased to share with you that the nomination period for the Oakville Community Spirit Awards has now officially started. Isn’t that exciting!

Oakville's 2015 Community Champions

For those who may not know what the Community Spirit Awards is all about, it is a set of awards given to special Oakvillians who embodies the close-knit Oakville community and who have supported the many volunteering activities we have in Oakville. Just being nominated for the award is a great way to acknowledge the wonderful men and women who have all generously contributed their time and effort to our community.

The search for nominees for Oakville’s community champions is on-going until the deadline on April 13, 2015. Everyone is welcome to send in their nominations for the following award categories:

  • Access Award
  • Arts Award
  • Environmental Award
  • Group Volunteer Award
  • Heritage Award
  • Individual Volunteer Award
  • Senior Award
  • Youth Award

So you see, there is a way for us to appreciate all of our community’s most self-less persons!

Show Your Appreciation!

To nominate someone or a group, they simply have to meet the guidelines below which can also be seen at the nomination checklist.

First, who can you nominate? Everyone who has unique or special qualities which made a difference in the community, has dedication, leadership, creativity, and innovation; and has done things which has long term impact or benefits to the community can be nominated.

To nominate someone or a group, you must accomplish a complete nomination package. This means submitting a completed nomination form, a 250 words maximum summary of the nominee’s contributions and achievements which are relevant to the award category you are nominating him or them for. Aside from that, the nomination package must contain at least one reference or testimonial and/or media articles which supports the nomination. Easily done, right?

Once that is done, you must ensure that your nomination follows the submission requirements which says that all nominees are to dedicate their time volunteering to an Oakville-based organization. Should you want to nominate a previous nominee, you must send an updated application form. But how about past awardees? They can be re-nominated but it should be in a different award category. This ensures that other groups or individuals can also be given due recognition for their efforts.

The nominees will then undergo a set selection process which will be carried out by a Selection Committee. The chosen groups and individuals will be a part of the Community Spirit Awards which will culminate with an awards ceremony on the 3rd of June 2015 at the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre. The awarding ceremony can be attended by everyone and will be followed by a reception for the nominees and awardees.

This is truly a chance for the Oakville community to come together and celebrate what makes Oakville such a great Town – it’s very generous and caring residents!

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