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Oakville, keeping with its sustainability mandate, will soon add more than 31km of pedestrian and cycling ways to the city. That means more on and off road cycling lanes, which means more signed bike routes and both new and improved sidewalks throughout the city. The project also aims to rehabilitate the Bronte Road underpass and trail.

While many cities and towns across the GTA are struggling to be pedestrian and cyclist friendly in a bid to get everyone more active and conserve energy, Oakville is one of the few cities actually going through with the plan! Let’s check out everything they have planned for this year.

New On-road and Off-road Cycle Lanes

The most important phase of the project will be completely on and off-road cycle lanes just north of Dundas Street, in the new roadway. There will also be new cycle lanes Sixth Line, Rebecca Street, Merchants Gate, Postmaster Drive, and many others.

These new cycle lanes will be open to the public once completed, but cyclists will still need to follow rules of the road if they want to avoid getting a ticket!

Signed Bike Routes to be Added

Not only will there be new on-road and off-road cycle lanes, there will be many kilometres of signed bike routes just for cyclists - a big change, especially for the area.

One of the largest complaints many cyclists have had in the past was that they had to share paths with runners and pedestrians, which, let’s face it, isn’t the safest way to go about things. When the new active transportation program’s budget was approved this was a special consideration that was made.

New and Improved Sidewalks

The new and improved sidewalk program will improve paths for walking, especially along portions of the new roadway north of Dundas Street and the Bronte Road underpass and trail.

Over the last 3 years Oakville has added over 65 kilometres of paths, 38 bike racks along Lakeshore Road and so much more across downtown Oakville. Its active commitment to improving active transportation like walking, running, cycling and hiking throughout the community is unparalleled in the GTA.

Where is the Money Coming From?

The funding for Oakville’s active transportation program comes from many sources -  from the trail and sidewalk budget, the capital maintenance and other capital budgets, it’s a decade of hard work that’s finally coming to fruition.

It’s all part of the Cycle, Walk Oakville Map, Clean Air Commute program and other community and health outreach programs that make Oakville a great place to live.

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