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In the last six years Oakville’s air quality has vastly improved, and it’s only getting better all the time! MPP of Oakville Kevin Flynn gave a statement last month that particulate matter (the stuff that affects asthma and other respiratory conditions, air quality and more) has dropped by a third and is only continuing to get better.

Air Quality Measures Recognised

In May the Oakville Chamber of Commerce was awarded with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Award at their 100th Annual Meeting.

John Sawyer of Oakville’s Chamber of Commerce said that “Clean air is important to everybody” and was quite pleased that Oakville was being recognized as a clean air capital not just in the Greater Toronto Area but in Ontario as a whole.

But even with the drop, Oakville doesn’t want to stop there. They’re also planning to reduce emissions over the next 5 years, and the plan gives the Town Council the ability to shut down “major emitters” from operating in Oakville.

Major Players Committed

The Ford Assembly Plant has agreed to lower its plant emissions to fall in place with the new standards, alongside the OAC (Oakville Assembly Complex) where the Fumes to Fuel Research Centre. Here you’ll find Ford turning bad volatile organic compounds (cancer causing chemicals found in many paints, chemicals and products) back into fuel that charges fuel cells. It’s an all-around great solution to dealing with the plant’s emissions.

Other large companies in the area have been able to halve their emissions and are working towards a more sustainable Oakville.

Why Are Emissions Standards so Important?

Emissions standards are important because particulate matter is the highest cause of respiratory illness leading to hospitalization and chronic illness. Better air quality means healthier people, and this means a better community for everyone. No one wants to buy real estate somewhere that isn’t healthy, but with Oakville you won’t have this problem.

With Oakville now rated with the some of the best air quality in Southern Ontario and one of the safest communities in Ontario too, now is the time to invest in Oakville homes for sale. You’ll get the best of both worlds and everything you want in a home.

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