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Last Thursday members of the police, fire department, and paramedics from Halton and Oakville were honoured at the Halton Region Centre with Ontario’s inaugural First Responders Day.

With Emergency Preparedness Week upon us (May 4 to May 10), the Oakville Fire Department and emergency services are asking all of us to remember the “Three P’s”; Prevent, Protect and Prepare.

Preventing accidents and injury, protecting each other with laws and a sense of community and being prepared for whatever may be around the corner makes the difference!

Regional Chair Gary Carr said that, “As a community, we can make a difference, too, by preventing harm, protecting each other, and being prepared for emergencies.”

Halton and Oakville Named Among the Safest Communities in Canada

The Halton region (including Oakville) have been named one of the safest communities in Canada. And while many of us worry about big city crime creeping into our small neighbourhoods, we don’t have to worry (as much) about that in Oakville.

Oakville and the Greater Halton Region have been named among the safest communities in Canada. In fact, Oakville has even been named one of the safest communities in the Greater Toronto Area!

If you’re looking for a safe, quiet, happy community that’s focused on helping one another to live better lives, you won’t find a better city than Oakville.

First Responders Are There to Support the Community

With this being Ontario’s inaugural First Responders Day, many local responders in the community are quite pleased that they’re being recognized for their efforts.

Paramedic Services Chief Greg Sage said that “It is a great statement from the government to recognize the work the frontline staff do day-in and day-out,” and that “Paramedics, firefighters, police officers are all out on the street working to support the community and look after people. They don’t do it for the recognition, they do it because it is rewarding and it is important to them. This recognition is certainly appreciated. It means a lot.”

Others agree, saying that a day just for them is a great honour.

Oakville is One of the Safest Communities in the GTA

Oakville’s own Mayor Rob Burton declared May 1st to be Oakville’s First Responders Day in a recently council meeting, one of the first communities of hopefully many in Ontario to honour its first responders in such a way.

Mayor Rob Burton said that first responders deserved a day of recognition because Oakville isn’t just one of the safest communities in the Greater Toronto Area, but in Ontario, and that without our first responders, we wouldn’t be able to say that if we didn’t have such a solid team of first responders in the area.

“This First Responders Day is a welcome recognition for all three services. Our members are committed on a 24-hour, 365-day a year basis and I think they just really appreciate the public outpouring of sentiment for all of us,” said Oakville Fire Chief Lee Grant, who was present.

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