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The fate of the Glen Abbey Golf Course seems to have been completely decided one Monday night last month as the Oakville City council voted unanimously to name it as a heritage site in the hopes of saving the Glen Abbey Golf Course from destruction in the name of development.

To Be or Not to Be?

Glen Abbey has been in the brink of getting converted to a real estate development that would have office buildings, parkland, and residential areas for years. The company that owns Glen Abbey, ClubLink Corp., has been planning on this for a few years but that plan will have to step back in view of the recent city council vote.

Mayor Rob Burton said that getting designated as a heritage site will help the city save Glen Abbey but the owner of the golf course do not agree, saying that the heritage designation can mean the end of championship golf at Glen Abbey.

Development Still in the Works

Mayor Rob Burton says that this news does not mean that there won’t be the possibility of a real estate development in the future. He did add that by being named a heritage site, ClubLink’s proposals for the area’s development might have an even more challenging time getting approved.

It is to be noted that Gken Abbey is one of Canada’s sporting jewels and has been a source of pride to locals from when it was opened in 1977. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus designed the course himself and it has been the host of the Canadian Open 29 times over the years. The gold course is planned to host the Canada Open again in 2018.

No More Golfing in the Site?

ClubLink senior vice president Robert Visentin shared in an emailed statement that Glen Abbey’s heritage designation may mean that the golf course cannot host the 2018 Canadian Open tournament. He further shared that in their view, the recent development can end golfing at Gken Abbey even faster.

Mayor Rob Burton shared to CBC Toronto that he does not share belief in Visentin’s claim. He said that perhaps some people are just misunderstanding things.

Gken Abbey designer Jack Nicklaus expressed that he’s saddened by the redevelopment plan of ClubLink for Gken Abbey but also stated that he understands what business is.

ClubLink lawyer Malerie Rose stated that the process seems rushed, as the owners were only given less than 16 hours to generate a response. He shared this with a packed audience adding that the proposed heritage attributes that were sent in are so vague and may not be objective.

It should be noted that the city council vote is just step in a very long process. There will be another vote before a new application to develop the land can be submitted. This means there are still years before any more towards actual development of the area. The next planning and development meeting is not scheduled until the 26th of September 2017. That meeting will talk about the land use proposal of Gken Abbey.

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