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Tomorrow marks the 26th Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights event as the Town celebrates Earth Day 2017. Oakville residents are encouraged to join and help in the Town cleanup tomorrow morning, 9 am to 11 a. The event is primarily sponsored by Oakville’s Parks and Open Space Department and hosted by the Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights or OCCPEHR.

Extra Special Day

This year’s annual event is more special because the cleanup event happened to fall on the same day as Earth Day. This community-wide effort welcomes all, especially residents of Oakville and local organizations. The details were released to the media by OCCPEHR executive director and event coordinator Stephen Dankowich.

The goals of the annual include:

  • Promoting awareness and respect for nature and waterways,
  • Building the community through environmental activism,
  • Protecting wildlife,
  • Beautifying local neighbourhoods,
  • Improving people’s health,
  • And increasing awareness about the need to protect Oakville’s biodiversity.

Long Tradition of Caring

The Earth Week Cleanup event in Oakville is the largest cleanup event during Earth Week in Canada. Since it started in 1992, more than 78,000 residents and students have participated in the annual events, as shared by OCCPEHR.

In 2016, the Oakville Cleanup took place at a record 47 locations all over Oakville, removing 4,600 kilograms of waste with the help of 1,500 volunteers.

This year’s event will be spearheaded on the ground level by coordinators. Their responsibility will be about receiving support from the organizing group and setting up a new location in their neighbourhood to clean up, may it be a park, a trail, a green space, a ravine, a lakefront area, or a woodlot.

Oakville’s cleanup activity is meant as a family activity to be cherished, remembered, and fondly talked about for years to come by the participants. Parents are encouraged to join to teach their children about the environment’s importance in a practical way.

Available Sites for Cleanup

Because our town is growing, some areas such as the following may not have coordinators yet.

  • new development around Dundas Street,
  • Winston Woods,
  • Deer Run Park,
  • Petro Canada Park,
  • Twelve Mile Creek under the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) bridge at Bronte Road,
  • Nottinghill Gate Park, Riverbank Way, Glenashton Drive and Trafalgar Road area,
  • Sheridan College,
  • rural neighbourhoods around Trafalgar and Burnhamthorpe roads,
  • trails near Glen Abbey and River Oaks recreation centres,
  • and Iroquois Shoreline Woods at Upper Middle Road and Grand Boulevard.

Note that some areas other than the above may not have coordinators yet. Residents are also free to identify areas which may be in need of cleanup. Dankowich further shares that this event would be an easy opportunity for anyone to make a big difference in the community and for the environment. He encourages those who might be interested to reach out to the Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights at via or 905-849-5501.

Want to know more about the Earth Day Cleanup Event in Oakville and see last year’s report? Visit!

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