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Calling all Oakvillians! Come this Saturday evening, March 28, 2015 is the Oakville Earth Hour. Known as the Earth Hour Movement, the one hour event will take place between 8:30 to 9:30 PM and everyone is invited to participate.

It’s All About Energy Conservation!

Oakville has been known to be a full supporter of reducing energy consumption as well as an avid promoter of energy conservation; and this Saturday is one of the best times to show our support as well!

The Earth Hour Movement is an hour-long annual event wherein participants turn off their lights and all or most of their electric appliances. When participants do so, that one hour can significantly help on reducing energy consumption and thereby reducing usage of non-renewable sources of energy which then impacts our air quality in a positive manner.

Join the Earth Hour Movement!

All it takes is one hour this coming Saturday and you’ll be part of a campaign against climate change. For those of you may not be familiar with the Earth Hour Movement, it was first initiated in Sydney Australia back in 2007 and has since become a global annual event. It unites millions of individuals, governments, and businesses all over the world to take action and symbolically demonstrate a collective commitment for action against climate change by veering off from using electricity for a full hour.

You got that right! Just one hour a year is all it takes to show how much you care for our planet and how staunchly you support energy conservation. Here’s a list of what you can do to show your support:

  • Print an Earth Hour Poster for posting at your office, school, or home.
  • Unplug the DVD player, TV, computer, radio, microwave and bask in the quiet with no electrical hum in the background.
  • Turn off the non-essential appliances for a full hour or at least turn them to low
  • Turn down the thermostat
  • And of course, turn off all lights

What? Isn’t all of this going to be boring? Not at all! You can even organize an Earth Hour Event at your community or for your family. Here’s fun suggestions on what you can do:

  • Camp out in your backyard and go star gazing.
  • Read a bedtime story by flashlight or candle light.
  • Go for a fun nighttime walk.
  • Play board games by flashlight.
  • Plan a candle-lit dinner.
  • Plan an electricity-less mini concert or jam out session.

Isn’t all that fun and exciting?

Oakville Earth Hour Trivia

Did you know that in the observance of the 2014 Oakville Earth Hour, Oakville Hydro reported that he Town’s electricity usage was reduced by 9.3 MWh? That’s twice the reported figures for 2013! Want to know more why that is so awesome? That figure is equivalent to turning off 155,000 pieces of 60 watt light bulbs. See? With just a little effort, we really can make a huge difference!

Oakville also has the Watt Not, Waste Not Program since 2007 wherein the Town encourages Oakvillians to conserve energy by testing out or measuring their home energy usage. Residents can borrow a meter for free at any of the town’s 6 public libraries. Isn’t that truly amazing?

Want to live in amazing Oakville? Contact us and we’ll help you find a beautiful home in any of our neighbourhoods. Our real estate matching powers does not use extra energy, so you can be sure we’re environment friendly!

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