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Oakville firefighters went to La Rochelle, France a few weeks ago to participate in the World Rescue Organisation’s Extrication Challenge and ranked 6th in the event.

Squaring with the World’s Best

Firefighters certainly do more than put out fires. They are who we call when we need cats rescued from trees or just when there is a need for rescue from a sticky situation like getting stuck on a roof. Oakville residents will be glad to know that Oakville’s firefighters are one of the world’s best when it comes to rescue and extrication, outranking 28 other teams in a world event which had a total of 35 teams participate in. The extrication events featured scenarios such as rescuing a victim from a wrecked vehicle up to rescuing someone trapped under multiple vehicles.

Chad Roberts of the Oakville extrication team shared that the whole team was ecstatic upon learning that they came in 6th, adding that they were so surprised at even making at in the top 10 as it is their first time to join such an event.

Oakville firefighters’ team medic ranked 3rd in the world, the team’s tool work ranked 12th, and their incident commander ranked 8th. The 6 members of the Oakville team faced 3 challenging tests in the event:

  • A basic scenario wherein the team had 20 minutes to rescue a trapped victim from a wrecked vehicle as safely and efficiently as possible.
  • The second challenge was doing the same as the first challenge but under a time limit of 10 minutes.
  • The third challenge was to rescue two trapped victims in 30 minutes.

Vehicles were placed in various permutations mimicking real life situation such as upside down or on top of one another. During each scenario, each team was closely observed and scored based on several criteria like the team’s use of extraction tools and how they managed each scene.

More Than Just Firefighting

Roberts shared that participating in events like this is important for professional growth, as the Oakville team was able to observe how other firefighters from around the world operate. He added that Oakville firefighters learned a lot of new life-savings skills which they can use on the job as well as teach other Canadian firefighters. He also reported that the team went home with a stronger sense of camaraderie among the members.

The World Rescue Organisation is a registered charity and a noon-profit group that was made to help with the dissemination of medical and emergency rescue practices, techniques, and procedures to assist with the effective management of road traffic collisions and to provide better care for those who are in one. Joining their friendly competition events gives rescue and medical teams around the world to learn and share valuable skills that help people worldwide.

Don’t you just love how Oakville firefighters continues to strive to be better at what they do? No wonder Oakville is one of the most sough-after neighbourhoods in Ontario! If you’re looking for a home in Oakville, be sure to contact us and our agents will help you schedule showings and more!


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